Why? Ideal Exercises Are Important To Flip A Kettlebell

Lets us know Why? Ideal Exercises Are Important To Flip A Kettlebell.

In boxing, before getting engaged in a heavy bag drill, we usually start shadow boxing. am I right?
Well, the same method implies here.
If one wants to become a master, then one must focus on the object and then practice some of the drills based on those exercises.
Here, the trajectory of throws is very important than throwing in an unplanned direction.

Benefits Of Kettlebell Juggling

Before throwing the kettlebell in the air, hand-eye coordination must be like iron and magnet. I have explained in detail to all my clients.

It improves

  • Awareness
  • Quickness
  • Fast Reaction
  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Cardio
  • Focus
  • Sense
  • Flow
  • Fun

If We Don’t Have The Knowledge, Then We Think It’s Dangerous

If we don’t have knowledge about a particular sport then we say it’s dangerous and it is obvious because of not aware of it.

Some certified fitness trainers say “kettlebell juggling is dangerous”. Well, if I want to be very honest, every sport is dangerous. Let’s say, martial arts, rugby, scuba diving, and when it comes to a popular sport like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, has any player hasn’t suffered from an injury? it’s all in the game, am I right?
We have watched many CCTV footage of the gym sustaining injuries while exercising. How come it all happened? Is that not dangerous? Questions raised from all angles.

Here, in kettlebell juggling the benefits are many, I have already mentioned above.

As I said before, how boxers do shadow boxing before working on a punch bag drill, like that in kettlebell juggling we do start with shadow juggling and calculate on throws for power to rotate multiple times in the air.

Why? Ideal Exercises Are Important To Flip A Kettlebell

This question was asked by an ACE certified fitness trainer when I visited the gym to explain about benefits of kettlebell Juggling.

I would like to share these techniques with everyone and I support you to learn Kettlebell Juggling and Exercises.

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