What Is Drop Zone In Kettlebell Juggling? LOL

I would laugh if somebody asks me What Is Drop Zone In Kettlebell Juggling? LOL It’s a bell thing

At first, I was curious to juggle with the 16kg kettlebell but I was scared because if the kettlebell drops down then it would break into pieces. Then I set up my mind to juggle in the ground on the sand. It has dropped en number of times to get one flip and within 2 days I started doing a few simple flips and I continued till now.
I initially started flipping with 16 kg, though it was heavy to me and I consistently kept on practicing it. Now It’s becoming a little easy.

While juggling with a 16 kg competition kettlebell, if we slip holding the kettlebell handle then it will drop into the ground. You can ask me what’s a big deal here? Whatever the thing if we miss catching, it will drop on the ground. Well, here we juggle with the weight if it is about to drop down, then we have to be very careful.

if we miss holding the kettlebell handle that’s okay but if our feet are not quick then it lands on our legs. If 16 kg drops onto our legs from 5 feet, just imagine what might happen.

Here, another information on the drop zone we can share with you. While flipping the kettlebell with many transitions looks good in a short sequence.
At some point, if we slip, it will drop on the ground and the sound of the kettlebell feels that if that would have dropped on our legs then what would have happened? It’s a million-dollar question. Will that become a serious issue or funny incident? Just assume.

I hope you got the short information about What Is Drop Zone In Kettlebell Juggling? LOL. Are you curious to know more? Scroll down.

Oh! My God (Effect)

I’m just 54 kg, handling a 16 kg competition kettlebell and it’s too heavy for me to juggle but I don’t wanna give up so I flip the heavy bell. Once I was practicing the static move, it was about to land on my head because of less hand and eye coordination, suddenly I made a move and it safely parked on the ground. Every day I’m improving my hand and eye coordination skills with a tennis ball.

How To Check Competition Kettlebell Weight?

The kettlebell weight varies with colors like
Pink – 8Kg (18 lbs)
Blue – 12 Kg (26 lbs)
Yellow – 16 kg (35 lbs)
Purple – 20 Kg (44 lbs)
Green – 24 Kg (53 lbs)
Orange – 28 kg (62 lbs)
Red – 32 kg (70 lbs)
If you want to start kettlebell juggling I suggest you go with 8kg.

The Best Kettlebell For Kettlebell Juggling | India

Check This Out

The right weight to start kettlebell juggling for men and women is-
The standard weight to start kettlebell Juggling is 8 kg, For women’s 6 or 8 kg kettlebell is good to go.

For men who are under 60kg, I recommend getting an 8 kg kettlebell.
For men who are within 60-80kg, I suggest them to get a 12 kg kettlebell.
The men who are above 80kg just grab a 16kg kettlebell, it would be very good to start

While practicing with a 16kg kettlebell many times it will fall not because of heavy but for grip and I never became upset for not getting the flips correctly. I tried harder to get it done and the biggest challenge for me was ‘to update every day regarding kettlebell juggling’. I was in the hood, full of kettlebell juggling masters, they encouraged me and their flips encouraged me to level up.

Till now I never got bored of doing Juggling. The most amusing way to build power is to maintain fitness. In our country, more than boys, girls are loving it and they are looking forward to starting kettlebell juggling.

Speed Breaker Is Nothing But A Drop Zone.

If the flows are crazy and speedy with multiple flips and spin with 16 kg kettlebell for some seconds, then those are circus flow and if it drops down then that’s called speed breaker.

Just One Kettlebell Is Enough To Maintain Fitness.

Here some people think that the one who has a huge body will be the only person who is maintaining fitness.
This is up to their thinking capacity. In this pandemic time, many people have started doing kettlebell exercises, because it requires only one kettlebell.

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