Tips For Healthy Body

We usually try every method to stay healthy, which is viewed on TV or referred by friends, and sometimes we get irritated by trying all those things. Better not to try all in one day. Some of the tips I usually maintain by not investing too much money.

Some of those which we know already but we never use because no one has inspired us or properly referred us.

Tips For Healthy Body

Here are the things I do and these are my personal experience.

1 Coffee

The best drink since childhood.

2 Green tea

I came to know about the benefits of green tea when I showed some interest in fitness

3 Pippali

COVID situation made everyone gain knowledge about immunity.

4 Hot Water

Hot water with Tulasi is good.

5 Ashwagandha

I take Lehi, Half an hour before food with milk

6 Ginger

A small piece of ginger before lunch or in the morning before a cup of coffee.

7 Garlic

Weekly thrice

Basic Mobility Exercises

I just warm up my body as soon as I wake up by doing some of the simple exercises and that’s nothing but functional training,

Tai Chi

As we know the line, Patience is the key. By just standing or sitting in one place and holding both palms facing each other with a certain distance far and feeling the electric energy and receiving from the external.

If you don’t about Tai Chi or QiGong then check some videos on youtube. The important information is, in our ancient book states that Gayathri Mudra means palms facing each other and holding for some time to receive some energy. In the book “The Science Of Yoga Mudra” by Rangaraj Iyengar mentions these Mudras.

Home Work

Some of the work which is done at home is called homework, like cleaning the house and washing the clothes. Some people speak on fitness but they use the washing machine but the people who know the value of it then they try these at home.


How many minutes can a person imagine nothing? If he sits to meditate thinks only about how to make money instead of how to stay fit. It is a bit difficult for beginners who start meditate. If I meditate for a minute then I will be thinking only on bad elements and sometimes I see galaxies, just like in space.

Controlling The Anger

I can solve the mathematics equation but not anger or depression because we have learned how to solve the textbook problem but not life problems and how to face the hurdles. the key point to stay healthy is to have good food and meditate and reading books.

Sometimes I read the newspaper if the topic seems interesting and depends on the choice to read whether movie related or current situation just to set my mind into the present.

There are some difference about how healthy the person is,
1 If the person is a good listener then that person can face everything and this means a healthy body and mind.
2 If the person interrupts while some speaking this means less healthy.
3 If the person never seeks attention or attentional means has to rectify the problem.

Let’s stay healthy and fit.

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Disclosure: Love to share my personal experience.

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