The Ideal Way To Develop Strength By Kettlebells

My client asked me to share The Ideal Way To Develop Strength By Kettlebells for both the upper body and the lower body. I suggested, kettlebell Dead Start snatch is one of the challenging moves for beginners. It is hard to snatch without swinging the kettlebell, by using the right amplitude we can. This is the best I have experienced for UpperBody.
Kettlebell Single leg squat/one leg squat with 16 kg kettlebell is good for the lower body. This improves our knee strength.

Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlift and Single-Leg RDL with kettlebell develop balance as well as stabilization and strength.

  • Traps * Lats * Spinal * Forearms * Core * Glutes and Hamsgtrings * Calves and Shin

I would like to share with you a few lines about the Kettlebell Sport Long Cycle, which can also boost our strength.
A long cycle can be performed with one kettlebell or two kettlebells of the same weight. A jerk or snatch, Jerk uses more legs but also requires greater shoulder stability for fixation. It develops calves and much stability in the ankle joint much needed for squat.
The repetitive motion is to do in a given time or more than 100 reps without keeping the kettlebell on the floor.


I concentrate on breathing when to inhale and exhale. The right mechanic is to exhale at the right phase and our body knows to inhale by the movement which we do. When we lift from the dead start, the air will control in our body and we exhale in the resting position to inhale again to push along with breathing. This is a simple mechanic and the operators in our body will be controlling when the weight is at overhead. we relax and focus to get the weight slowly to the rack and to start position.

Right breathing is development, benefits, well being, and continue the cycle again.

Double Gains (Strength)

If you’re looking for double gains then lets flip it.
Yes!! you might have flipped the coin en number of times and juggled 50gm tennis ball, how about flipping the 16 kg kettlebell? Well, it’s thrilling to see when the kettlebell is in the air. This requires hand and eye coordination drills and 6 kg kettlebell to learn the basic elements. After completing the basic forms lets go some advance level, just grab 16kg Kettlebell and start flipping.
You need more strength to throw it in the air likewise to catch it you need the beast strength. (For Beast Strength Try Marathon or Long Cycle). Flip until it flows smoothly and not to worry about multiple flips, if you’re good at all the movements/elements then it ain’t too far.

Important information to beginners, work on back, and hip mobility to ensure the depth of juggling is excellent along with leg work. The height of the kettlebell flip should be more than your forehead height.

Kettlebell Flips

As I mentioned in the beginning The Ideal Way To Develop Strength By Kettlebells for both the upper body and the lower body and I explained it. You can also try other challenging exercises like Kettlebell Bottoms Up and Kettlebell Gun Slinger and so on.

The Ideal Way To Develop Strength By Kettlebells
The Ideal Way To Develop Strength By Kettlebells

As you can see the move in this picture from your left side. This indicates one of the best exercises for strength and stability, you all need to do is dead start snatch to bent over slowly and touch the floor. There you can fell the stability sensation. Try it.

Thank You.

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