The Happiest Way To Lose Weight With Kettlebell Exercises

Normal workout flow sometimes makes us lazy but we all need a unique workout action to satisfy, isn’t is right? Yes!! here is The Happiest Way To Lose Weight With Kettlebell Exercises.
Can we redesign our bodies instantly in photoshop? Nope!
Be calm and have a little patience
. There are many options to lose weight but in kettlebells, you can lose weight as well as gain strength, This is double gains. It means you can lose weight as well as gain strength. I hope you can understand my words easily. I usually explain in simple words that How to lose weight at home.

The Happiest Way To Lose Weight With Kettlebell Exercises

Fat loss is not the main intention here, we are building great strength, if you build strength then you can lose your weight easily and get in shape. First, set your mind to start your workouts then automatically boost your cardio level. Have some proper nutrition to increase energy.

We Can Check Our Condition Level At Our Home.

It’s very simple-
Sit on the floor and try to get up without any support. If you get up without any support then you’re good to go. If you can’t then need to worry, this helps you, try wall sit for more than your capacity at least once in a day. Within a week you can see the results.
This is how you can lose weight by just adding some challenging exercises.

Fig 8 & Reverse Fig 8 is the best exercise to include in your warm-up.

Raghava Rajaguru

These swings are good to watch. when the handle is in our hand, creates tension. The way of building the body is different and the way of maintaining the same shape is different. The matter is how we plan. (Maybe the diet or workouts). Every day is like challenging, likewise gaining weight and losing weight both are hard. All accessories are not heavy to lose weight, the selection which we make to lift is considered as heavy.

Building strength with 16kg is good from all positions and coordination will help build a stronger human.
Sometimes I’ll treat these exercises as my main strength work, especially juggling elements should be very smooth and I focus on (exercises) higher sets with lower reps.

One Small Information

Adding in a flow (Exercises or Juggling) doesn’t have to be fast and jerky (Non-Calculated). It can be slow and smooth. It can be light or heavy and we can change levels or just stay standing.
Sometimes they’re light and flowy with a lot of juggling elements. it’s about challenging myself in different starting points like dead start with 16kg kettlebell, that’s good to build strength. I enjoy the hell out of them while I build strength, coordination, balance, connection, and control (stability).

Power From All Positions

Strength comes in many forms from one movement to another. The position should be safely and effectively.

Our Priority To The Kettlebells

It is highly fueled and double gains. We can call athleticism for getting attention to Mobility, Balance, Stability, and Coordination.

Ho To Lose Weight At Home (Kettlebell Exercises)
Figure 8 and Reverse Figure 8

As per my knowledge and results based on my clients, I highly recommend that you begin with Mobility exercises. It activates each and every part of the body joints. If your arms don’t hesitate to move freely then you can kick start with HIIT training.
I would like to share one small example, If a person wants to build the house, it might take at least 1 year to finish. isn’t it right? Then how long would it take to Lose Body Weight? There are many plans in the market like How to lose your weight At Home in one week? it’s up to you.

Well, I would like to share some of the simple exercises to activate your body for 1 week (Mobility Exercises), Then start some HIIT training for 1 week, Learn Basic Kettlebell Swings and start these exercises as per the sets and reps which is provided to you by me.
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