The Best Solution For Back Pain | 5 Simple Exercises

Are you expecting a speedy recovery from back pain? then this is it, “The Best Solution For Back Pain | 5 Simple Exercises”. Some years ago, I was suffering from back pain because I used to travel for 20 km on one side from my vehicle (moped) and while working, my sitting position was incorrect. Due to imbalance, the spine reacted to walk in a non-straight form. I tried many exercises that help to strengthen my back but it was of no use. Then I started Mobility, Kettlebell Exercises, which helped me a lot and now I’m helping others. Some of the best exercises which can help the one who is suffering from back pain.

At first, I was hesitating to record a video of mine, and to see my mistakes I started recording. I rectified my mistakes by exercising and the experience was a bonus to learn many ways to solve issues like joint pains, muscle catch, and other issues by doing flexibility and mobility.

What some people think before joining the gym is, if we build the body like a film hero then we have great strength like Baahubali and we don’t even have to worry about back pain. That doesn’t have any sense. If you’re a model and wanna build the body, better talk to a concerned trainer the one who is a specialist in that. If the person looking for athlete strength, then consult an athletic trainer. Don’t assume that all trainers having all the knowledge in all sets of workouts.

Cheat Sheet

Passing the exam with a cheat sheet is not new but the same cheat sheet won’t work for the entire life.

cheat sheet
cheat sheet

We cannot build the body by just watching youtube videos, it won’t work in real-time and it’s a rare case to build a body at home and that person should have in-depth knowledge on particular exercises.

Watching Youtube Videos
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Direct consultation is better than online because the movement will be 100% visible to the trainer and only 50% of results are accurate online. If the person is very serious about fitness then that person will practice until the smooth outcome (For beginners).

Gym training
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If the person has some knowledge of gym workouts then online training is okay for them.

Online Workout
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The Best Solution For Back Pain | 5 Simple Exercises

Some exercise with no equipment and some are with equipment. Anyone can try these exercises at home or in the gym.

There are a few exercises that can help you out from the back/body pain and you can also check the videos & photos below about the moves (The moves in the video are short). Just check all the variations and let me know which exercise helped you.

1. Use Towel

Roll the towel and keep it exactly at the pain area of your lower back, while sitting on a chair or car.

2. Cobra Pose Also Known As Bhujangasana

It is very important to the lower back which strengthens the spine/improves the male and the female reproductive system and also it slowly stretches the lungs as well as chest.

3. Snatch Walk

Kettlebell snatch will improve to walk straight, for the person who is suffering from back pain. If you don’t have a kettlebell then don’t worry use a (1 liter) filled water bottle.

At the initial stage, I suggest using a single kettlebell and later a double kettlebell. In this video, I have used dumbbells.

4. Dead Hang/Hanging

There are many options to do dead hang at these places, The gym (Monkey bar or Pull up bar), home (by holding lintel), Park (if pull up bar installed, or any other alternative). Nowadays there is some gym equipment installed in the park for cardio and other exercises for all.

Dead Hang
Dead Hang

5. Wall Sit Snatch Hold

Just hold anything which weighs approximately 1kg at the overhead for 10 sec and shift to the other hand. If you’re at the gym then you use a kettlebell, if you’re at home the use mobile to do a wall sit Strict Press. Here, it’s a double gain, both the upper body and the lower body work in one variation.

If you’re a beginner and can’t do wall sit snatch hold, then try it on a chair or bed.

Problem Solving Exercises For Your Back Pain

Just hold the ball on the overhead with both hands by seeing yourself in the mirror. Concentrate on the posture and do not bend forward, touch both ears with both arms.

Back pain can happen in different aspects like sitting in a chair/any place with poor posture for a long time leads to back pain.

Improper posture
Sitting Incorrectly

The 2 wheeled vehicle which is not having proper suspension leads to anxious pain in the back.

posture correctness
Riding Vehicle

The improper workouts may also trigger to get pain in the lower back.

If the hips are not strong enough then the waking style would be awkward.

Improper posture

Chances are perhaps, less from the hereditary.

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I also have some of the tools for massage/acupressure. Like roller, vibrator, ball roller, golf ball. Usually, pain that occurs after workouts are workout pain and I can sense easily which is anxious pain. If I know, if that is anxious pain, then I start doing massage to the particular part of the body and it may be in the anterior or posterior part. Some acupressure rollers are long so I do massage to the posterior parts by myself.
If I get to know that pain is workout pain then I do more stretchings.

Massage Tools
Best massage tools for back pain

The Biggest Mistake Of Post-Workout.

Why do some people have a lot of pain in their back though then have done the workouts in the right format with the help of trainers? The answer is very simple “Stretchings“. They skip warm-up as well as stretchings and that leads to dropping their quickness or alertness.
I suggested many fitness freaks warm up more before getting into the hardcore workouts because the more you warm up the more you can workout. Every rep impacts the targetted muscle, if they skip the warm part then it may lead to muscle/ligament tear. Better not to avoid warm-up.

Full body Stretching

Key Points To Remember

Instead of lifting the weights by bending the back in a curved shape, better to do back straight and lift it. (For Weight Lifters). Can ask trainers for the suggestion.
After the set is complete, just replace the accessories with the rack stall instead of leaving them on the floor. The Gym Rules.

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Home Remedies For Back Pain

We need not do these exercises 24/7, it just takes only a few minutes a day. We can get an instant remedy from some of the pain killer tablets but that’s not a solution for the long term.

The Simplest Way To Reduce Back Pain

Just stick to the wall in the standing posture and raise both hands (overhead) and hold the medicine ball or book. Just walk laterally, slowly it helps to fix back pain.

While stepping laterally (slowly) the leg which is on the ground balances for a moment and it carries all the load (while the other leg is in the air and the hands are at the overhead holding weight and this helps to stick the back straight) till another leg steps on the ground before the bodyweight are divided.

How To Reduce Lower Back Pain

Apart from the “The Best Solution For Back Pain | 5 Simple Exercises” these are some of the tips which can also help to reduce back pain.

Yoga Poses Reduces Back Pain

After workouts, I will also include Cat and Cow Pose (Marjaryasana/Bitilasana) in my stretching and it strengthens the spine and the spine’s root to improve blood flow and mobilize the tailbone.

Another tip to reduce back pain is to keep a towel or soft cloth on the bed before sleeping or taking a rest. Keep the cloth where the exact pain is.

Salabhasana (Locust Pose)

If the back pain is more, just lay down by facing the anterior part to the ground and keep the hands straight (overhead) and lift both the hands and the legs for a few seconds and repeat it 3 times whenever the time gets.

Instant Back Pain relief

In the same position (salabhasana), lift up the right hand and left leg for some seconds and switch.

Back Pain Relief Salabhasana (Locust Pose)
Back Pain Relief Salabhasana (Locust Pose)


We can also have an option to stretch our back with TRX, but the specific stretch helps to relieve the tightness in the back, and if you’re struggling ask the trainer who is a specialist in it.

TRX Stretching for back

Foam Roller

This usually helps after workouts and unnecessarily using the foam roller is useless. Use the foam roller which has buttons.

How Do Push-Ups Help With Back Pain?

Just do push-ups with the support of the knee and thus the pose looks like a cobra, push lower back a little down and the feel should be like the ab is touching the ground that’s the deep relaxation to the lower back.

Heavy Load To The Kids Back

They carry a lot of books in their school bags. We might have observed while passing nearby schools, why don’t the kid’s parent talk to the school management or teachers regarding this? This leads to back pain slowly and some kids may lose posture at their young age. Now, this is the digital era they can send their homework through WhatsApp. Am I right?

Rope Climbing

This is just an add-on to your workout and it doesn’t mean that this exercise won’t help for the back. The curious part is when the arms reach as high as the person can, then the back poses as straight because the arms are at the overhead.

Rope Climbing
Rope Climbing

Back Pain Vest

For the time being anyone can use it but none of the fitness trainers recommend a back pain vest.

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The Secret Remedy To Reduce Back Pain

A coolie shift things from one place to another (a short distance) do they get back pain? and they don’t do even stretchings, then how come they won’t be having more pain and still, they’re able to carry weighted things every day without rest.
Well, their routine is only one and they’re used to it. Consistently doing the same work is different than doing one work once in a while.

At some point in time, a coolie has to take a rest for some hours or days and they know the secret remedy.
i.e, taking rest/sleeping on a mat (without beds and pillows) is the best remedy to reduce back pain and body pain. This way they’re ready to shift things every day.

sleeping on a mat

Does Watching Tv For More Than A Hour Will Affect Our Back?

Everything has its own limit, if we extend more then that may lead to any reaction. Better to keep a pillow and watch a TV before it triggers some sort of pain in the body.

Corporate Employee

What corporate employees say, “I have more back pain than anyone else in my office, I don’t know why”? The same question arises from everyone who works for a long time in front of the computer. Not only corporate employees who suffer from back/neck/fingers/wrist pain but the one who works on laptop or computer that leads to pain in the posterior parts of the body.

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Some experts say that bad posture can cause abdominal muscle pain and also affects the face. Sitting in the wrong posture in an office or any other place is the next step of side effects. This can also cause nerve damage, which means sitting for a longer time leads to any circumstances because knees are higher than hips and bad shoulder posture, as well as the neck, will be a frozen state. We cannot dig about bad posture all the time, the pain may occur from any angle. The simple method to fix these problems is just to do some exercises or yoga for half an hour a day so that one can become stronger every day instead of weakening.

We all can feel the pain differently in our back and sometimes we may also feel the pain above the upper glute, which may be at left or right and it depends on the movement of the body, for that try this yoga pose.

Some people have more fat content in their bodies and they are unable to bend at different angles like turning sideways and downwards, it doesn’t mean that they might be suffering from issues at the back or any parts of the body, but the truth is a lack of flexibility.

Let me know how well this content helped you in the comment section.

Some of these are my personal experience.

Appreciate for reading “The Best Solution For Back Pain | 5 Simple Exercises”.

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