Say Bye-Bye To Boring Workouts | Check This Effective Training

We have stated in the title “Say Bye-Bye To Boring Workouts | Check This Effective Training“. “Say bye-bye to boring workouts” means, some times we hesitate to do some workouts because they are less interesting and let us change the routine now. “Check This Effective” here, some interesting workouts which keep us strong and energetic. Woah!! Let’s try.

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Nowadays, fitness freaks are getting bored because of no gym, including me. We can maintain our fitness by just doing a few exercises at home and this is a simple home workout routine for which no equipment is needed.

Without Music Workouts Are Boring

I just wanted to do bodyweight training by listening to music and I grabbed my Mp3 player with some old CD’s full of hip hop music like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50Cent, and started some workouts.

I have some gym equipment like Dumbbells, Kettlebell, Agility Ladder, Cone, Resistance Band, Medicine Ball, Punching Bag, Tires, MMA Equipments, Yoga Mat, and I have these since 2 years. Yes, the gym at home but apart from equipment exercises I really love to do no-equipment exercises.

We are here to improve our health and fitness. I will be more specific with some workouts. Mobility training is to activate the body functions. If our flow is fast but looks jerky which means we have to slow down our speed. Just watch this video carefully.

One client asked me, “If No Equipment At Home, How Can I Become Fit?”
The simple answer is “You can do bodyweight programs”. If you don’t have any gym equipment at home, then try this which may help you to become fit. We don’t need trendy exercises but we prefer effective exercises.

Bodyweight Training.

You can also try some Movement Flow (Animal Flow), These exercises awaken the strength from weaknesses. I have kept the name for this as Body Formula, Which has plenty of positive effects and I call this a full bodyweight training. Every move constitutes the capacity of our body and keeps increasing the power by every set.
One of my cousins said, “I tried Yoga, Zumba, Aerobic, Cardio Boxing but these didn’t help me to lose my weight and I asked him how long you did continue it for which I could get a funny reply, ‘not even a month‘. As per my experience, I say that “consistency is the key and powerful”.

I never wanted to be a fitness model nor I asked any trainer that how to become a fitness model. I just wanted to maintain my fitness by doing a few good moves which makes me easy and crazy.
If you want to know about my craziest fitness, then I will share it with you.

Let me tell you about my secret exercise. Just assume that throwing the 16kg in the air may be easy and how about catching that when it comes back? It sounds crazy, isn’t right?

Home Abs Workout.

Well, a few people are on the lookout to get 6 packs abs in 6 days. I’m sorry I haven’t tried yet but I love doing a few abs workout once in a week. Since I’m regular in the fitness area, one friend asked me through messenger “can I do abs workout daily”. He wanted a suggestion fo which I said yes. We can do it daily by focusing on different variations like Plank, Side Plank, Leg Raise, and many others.
He agreed totally with my words when we mutually communicated through the call. When the conversation was about to end, he said to me, “I wrongly judged you when you had started the fitness career and now I’m requesting for advice”. I said, “I concentrated on my goals, not on negative comments”.

Bodyweight Workout For Beginners – While doing Elbow plank I suddenly made a move with an elbow and after completing the set, I watched the recording, it was impressive and useful to arms and abs.

In this hard knock time, everybody is suffering from different dimensions of life. Whether it may be fitness or work, let’s continue to build our strength by doing some bodyweight training program.

let us not decide blindly and we do not want Arnold’s body. let’s be fit, that’s it. I have observed many times on construction workers who’re very fit than us because of their work and is to do with hard and heavyweight materials. When it comes to our aspect we lift weights only in the gym to train different muscles.


I have gained a good knowledge of kettlebells and even today I’m practicing it, wherein India is very less used than compared to other countries. I hope in the coming years’ kettlebell training will be the prime for all types of body workouts. Let me share with you in short like Body Building, Fat Loss/Cardio, Mobility With Weights, Stability Training, Strength training.

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Raghava Rajaguru

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