Pippali: The Immunity Booster For All Time

An Ancient Herbs used in Ayurveda, Pippali: The Immunity Booster For All Time, It doesn’t mean that only certain persons should take it. There are no rules to have pippali, even my aunt, whose age is 72 and she never used pipli in her life but she takes it every day.

We spend a lot of money on boosting our immune system and roughly we waste on investing to try new things, which have been promoted recently on TV or social media. We get triggered if a star promotes that product but the same product if an unfamous person like Rishi promotes, then nobody will buy that. So, for this reason, I decided to have only herbs (Ayurveda) instead of buying promoted ones.

In my fitness journey, I have tried a few protein powders for muscle building for the price of 5k. Then I thought to buy the product which is affordable, then switched to homemade protein and included ragi malt regularly. I just wanted to be fit not to build my body.

I have one friend on Instagram, he asked a couple of times in 2020, regarding the best immunity booster apart from the company making. Actually, he wanted to know about Ayurvedic medicine. My suggestion was pipli herb and at first, he took it lightly and asked some other better herb than this, and I said many ayurvedic experts say ‘pippali powder benefits on a tv program.

He listened to it because ‘I mentioned TV program while chatting’ it means in his view ‘how famous the herb is’ that’s why it came on TV. When our parents or ancestors in our family members say the benefits of pipplai then we won’t listen but we listen to the person who is famous/who we like, especially the movie star.

I’m not routing anyone or any product just shared the movement that happened and I never feel shy to take this no matter how modern we are but should not forget the ancestor’s notes on a leaf about Ayurveda.

I enquired one Ayurvedic shop owner near to our locality regarding, how many pippali choorna he would you sell in a month? The owner replied, “Apart from Bharat, foreign countries bid pimpli by means of online from our online store and sometimes we avoid stock extremely quickly”.

Pippali: The Immunity Booster For All Time

I feel Pippali is the best Immunity Booster For me. As soon as I wake up I usually have a cup of milk mixed with pipli herb powder on an empty stomach in the morning.

Pippali Churna Uses Or How To Use Pippali Churna?

We can take it along with milk or hot water daily.

How Much I Take Pippali Everyday

A small quantity with milk, we called in kannada is ‘chitike‘ or ‘ondu chitike‘ means a quantity which is very little.

How To Remove Kapha From Lungs

Once I had Khapa and tried to remove it from some medicines and several ways and it wasn’t satisfied, I tried to remove khap ‘mucus’ or ‘phlegm’ by having pippali for 3 days became normal and now I’m using pippali powder regularly. It also comes under the tablet format (pippali tablets) but I take pippali churna.

Hippali Benefits In Kannada

Hippali means pipplai, many people call pippali name in a different accent like, pippala podi for pippali powder, peepli herb, peepli ayurveda, pimpli, lendi pipri and some people apart from Bangalore they call ganthoda plant in some other places they also call Thippili powder. When it comes to benefits, it is one of the best immunity boosters.

A few of my friends who are in the fitness field for so many years, I explained them about long pepper benefits and they enquired about pippali powder benefits (thippili rasayanam) at home and also from their other family members, all said yes, then my friends started to have lendi pipal every day.

Pippali Side Effects

Till now I haven’t faced any side effects from pimpli mul and as I told above about my aunt and I guess you have read it. This pipli herb is not the talk of today but this herb is through the ages.

As per the ayurvedic physician, Piper Longum works as an immunity booster and this is not from recent research, it’s been for so long time.

Disclosure: Love to share my personal experience.

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