6 Effective Bodyweight Movements | Home Workouts

6 effective body weight movements | Home Workouts

No gym accessories, no problem. I would go for bodyweight training. No fancy workouts. I love to do different workouts that make effective. By repeating continuously, the same variation develops faster and these moves are exciting. Let’s go in detail about 6 Effective Bodyweight Movements | Home Workouts. Staying fit is important than staying nothing. … Read more

6 Simple And Fun Home Workout For Beginners

6 simple and fun Home workout for Beginners

Hello there, welcome to RawFit. Today I’m gonna share with you 6 Simple And Fun Home Workout For Beginners and interesting facts about fitness on how our ancestors were doing and how we are practicing it. Well, during this pandemic time, we might have tried many exercises at home to maintain our fitness.We might not … Read more

How To Start Boxing (Inspired By Rocky Movie)

How to Start Boxing

This is my story. Why did I start boxing? For self-defense, I wanted to start boxing and I was truly inspired by Rocky Movie, (when I watched it for the first time in 1998) and that made me think about boxing every day. Then I started searching boxing academy near me. Through reference I reached … Read more