No.1 Insider | The King Exercise For Fat Loss

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If you fix your mind only for fat loss exercise, then you lose hope in workouts, if the results are not satisfied at the given time by online or offline training. I recommend you to do some exercises which help to stay fit, automatically you can reduce your weight and these are actually simple and effective and need not invest always.

No.1 Insider | The King Exercise For Fat Loss

Most people look for simple exercises to burn fat fast. Does that happen or does that take more time?
let me know in the comment section, not now after reading this entire post.


Physical exercise which is of low intensity has a movement to generate energy from carbohydrates by performing basic to moderate steps. Aerobic means which relates to free oxygen and sufficiently fulfill the energy at the time of exercise.

Aerobic Health Benefits
  1. Strengthens the body muscle and the heart muscle.
  2. It reduces blood pressure.
  3. Increases red blood cells.
  4. Reduces stress and outcome from depression.
  5. It’s an additional treatment for hematological malignancy patients.
  6. Encourages bone growth.
  7. It increases speed and endurance while exercising intensively and automatically generates aerobic energy.

It is not much effective for fat loss.


Zumba fitness claimed as safe for all age group and help them to improve posture, strength and also burns a large number of calories.

  1. Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol
  2. Reduces blood pressure and heart diseases

You can stay fit and can expect some percentage of fat loss if done regularly (As per the research).

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Kettlebell Swings

As per the research, 200 swings a day will burn a good amount of fat. While repeating the kettlebell swing by 8 kg for a month will result good, the entire body will be in action, not just using only the upper body and also the use of the lower body, the exact Russian kettlebell swing is required.

Well, I have increased my cardio level by swinging a kettlebell every day for at least 40, it’s more than when I started. I do pyramid swings and reverse pyramid swings, from 18kg to 10kg kettlebell.

Please do Watch this you’ll get an idea. In this video (18kg) kettlebell swings starts from 1:50 to 3:15

The Inside Story To Lose Weight

We can get many supplements to lose weight by just sitting at home and burning fat but the fact is those will never make us strong. The real fat burner is workouts. Instead of wasting money on weight loss products just go for personal training. There are some genuine products to lose weight but still, it’s not good for our body.

We set the time for partying but less on fitness. The problem within us is, we skip the good things and we dip into bad things and that’s the world’s attractive thing.

Maintaining fitness doesn’t mean that to install all the gym equipment’s at home and later not using it. If you’re not targetting to build the body like Arnold Schwarzenegger then the kettlebell swing is the grand exercise to stay fit and lose weight.

If the goal is to become rich in health and wealth then fitness is a must and sometimes we wait for someone else to come and motivate us to get involved in the particular work or workout. First, gain the ability and stability then without knowingly the success occupies.

If you want to stay fit, I suggest you do the exercises which have mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength. These exercises will help you in your daily life.

Cardio Kickboxing

Just learn a few punches & kicks like:-

  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Left and right hook
  4. Left and right uppercut
  5. Elbow strike/Elbow Hook
  6. Elbow Uppercut
  7. Bobbing
  8. Ducking
  9. Slipping
  10. Pull back
  11. Roll
  12. Then straight kicks (left and right leg)
  13. Knee shot
  14. Sidekicks
  15. Back kicks
  16. Jump kicks
  17. Overhead kicks
  18. Roundhouse kick these moves are enough to start cardio kickboxing.
It helps to improve:-
  1. Cardiovascular body system,
  2. Reduce mental stress
  3. Alertness
  4. Quickness
  5. Speed
  6. Focus
  7. Lose Weight

Stepper Board

Stepper board is a very good accessory in the gym to do drills for the lower body but I recommend not to use it every day because it leads to a knee injury and won’t be able to run or sudden movements. If the person is good at stretching and rehab exercises then this seems legit for them. I suggest them to do shin exercises and knee mobility if they really love stepper board.

Functional/Crossfit Training

Here, use some of the types of equipment which can help you to stay fit. Some of these exercises are low intensity and some are high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Slam Ball – Wall Ball – Medicine Ball

The exercises by these three accessories help neuromuscular coordination and most importantly this is a savage workout to boost stormy power in all the sportsmen and in all the sports.

Skipping Rope

The best way to improve cardio is skipping rope, we can do it anywhere. The advantage is jumping, we can jump with rope or without a rope. The specialty in skipping the rope is circling the rope twice in one jump.

Stair Climbing Exercises

Stair climbing exercises recommended for beginners which elevates the strength slowly by doing basics. There are many stair exercises like straight jump, skip stair, lateral jump by alternate leg (zig-zag) and this is low impact.


This is endurance training (cardiovascular exercise), the speed of jogging is one level up from walking. Improves physical fitness and it is an aerobic form.

Agility Ladder

Agility ladder drill targets on alertness to move rapidly to another place instantly and speed up to land in a different line (which helps to increase the foot speed). The jumping made from one rung to another rung is useful to all types of sports, like basketball, boxing, hurdles, tennis, football, basketball, sprint. The agility drill helps to focus on exercising from the toe (not on flat foot), Check out the athlete’s calves muscle shape.

Lower Body Agility Ladder Drill

Upper Body Agility Ladder Drill

Before starting this upper body ladder drill make sure the position is in the plank and core tight. Every move increases cardio and strength to the arms, abs, chest.

Cone Exercises

Place some cones in an isometric way and move on like a waveform, for every wave end you will stop and balance for a second and accelerate to meet another wave end. This usually works on concentration and speed. This drill can help to grace up the lower body strengthening.

Just have a look at my Instagram video, I have placed cones in a circle shape to practice footwork. This is just a reference for you.


There are many kinds of sport agility hurdles and using these accessories can burn calories and strengthen calves and also helps to work out on fat burning (If the lower body is strong enough then it’s a piece of cake to burn fat fast).

Rowing Machine

Rowing can focus on the belly and glutes while zooming in and core crunches and burns a lot of calories and improves aerobic strength. While sliding, all muscle group works as conditioning.

This impacts very low on burning fat but we can ad-dons to the workout routine.


Better to get one cycle instead of cycling in the gym and it is 10 times better. Some people can afford to buy a good cycle and some people have at their home and they never go for a ride because of standards, that’s why people go to the gym only for cycling.

Even I have one cycle at home (it’s rusted) and looking forward to giving the latest touch to it.

Hammer Slam

While slamming the 8kg hammer on the hard surface with a minimum force, that generates vibration to the arm joints and the heavier power provides to the shoulder and latissimus dorsi.

At first, I started slamming on tires but the suspension was good but very little power generated because at the point, the hammer ends on hitting the tire it rebounds a bit and this means we’re stopping the receiving power before it could get hurt to our body parts if not done correctly and this is kick back motion.

The next plan worked awesomely, I started slamming on the sand the energy flowed like a water. When the weight impacts on sand from both arms it makes its own way to go deeper. This has the credential more than expected strength and this can be a hardcore workout for fitness freaks.

Calisthenics & Animal flow can also include in the regular workout but I will explain in detail-oriented in my upcoming post.

Battle Rope exercises

If you would like to have 50 feet battle rope at home, then that’s a good idea to improve cardio and lose weight and there are many variations that help to build strength. I bought this battle rope in 2018 and still, I’m maintaining it. In the lock-down time, it became more useful for me and for my clients.

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Do You Like Outdoor Workouts? Then Try These Exercises.

Find the old stuff and change the look into the latest, that’s the next level.

No.1 Insider | The King Exercise For Fat Loss

Some people think these exercises are scratch but these are awesome.

Stones Throw

Don’t be shy to throw stones at the ground (or optional place). You just need a stone, any stone, and it does not matter about the weight, just keeping throwing and build some awesome strength to the upper body. This is old school technique to throw stones and the modern technique is throwing the kettlebell on the sand and if you want to know about that exercise just have a look at the Anthony Joshua workout video on youtube. This exercise is very powerful to generates speed-strength for boxing. I have tried it and implemented and I have also experimented with my clients and the result was cheerful.

When I started throwing stones at the open ground some people were curious and asked me about the benefits. I explained to them “A worker who works in a construction place is stronger than a bodybuilder but looks skinny or not looking awesome. The worker mobility and flexibility strength are damn good than a person workouts at the gym”. This is the fact, you can check it out by doing it personally.

The fancy workouts are like “a leather punching bag filled with nothing but throwing hard punches on it”.

Tire Exercises For The Upper Body.

Tire Exercises For The Lower Body.

Tire Fleet

I have tried with different weights to fleet the tire, lifting the one side and fleeting to other end generates energy and power to the entire body. While lifting the one side of the tire, we squat and holding the bottom of the tire (works on grip) by back straight posture and we push towards the opposite side so that power generates from the lower body to upper body.

Tire Push

Push the tire by both arms in a duck walk pose, the one leg in a flat foot position and another leg in elevated heel position and pushing hard by tightening the core. Here, the lower body works to gain the pillar strength and power to the upper body. Use the big tire for high intensity.

Tire Pull

While pulling the tire, strengthens the back also arms and a bit easy compared to push. You can add this in your regular workouts for just a set or two and nothing to lose. All gains.

Let me know which exercise is the king for fat loss from your end and experience. you try any one of them and let me know your fantastic experience.

I call this post No.1 Insider | The King Exercise For Fat Loss because every sport and fitness workouts are very different from one another and there are many examples for reducing weight in all the sport if it is done regularly. We lose hope very quickly because success is not near then we quit immediately.

Let me tell you something about my story, when I started kettlebell juggling many of them insulted me and shared my Instagram post in their stories and stated as an idiot doing idiotic things with kettlebell and many of them commented badly on my post but I didn’t give up and continued it, now they become my followers and asking me to train kettlebell juggling basics online. This is called confidence.

Featured image of this post credits – Left Side and right side from unsplash.com

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