Learn Basic Kettlebell Juggling For Free

Hi there, Learn Basic Kettlebell Juggling For Free. This sport is new to many and it’s very fun. Come, let’s make this sport famous.

Performed basic kettlebel juggling
Kettlebell Juggling

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I hope, you know some basic Kettlebell movements and I guess you might have done a short marathon (Snatch). If not, then check out my other video which states clearly about the introduction to the kettlebell sport.

I Have separated into 3 different levels-
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Let’s start with,


Don’t worry, we will provide you with the basic introduction through the video.

  1. Just start with some Mobility Exercises for 1 week.
  2. HIIT Workouts.
  3. Get the light kettlebell.
  4. Basic swings with both arms.
  5. Snatch
  6. One arm high swings
    Note- Every time you have to start with mobility exercises before getting into kettlebells.


If you know how to handle kettlebells, then kick start with snatch and it may be better to do with 16kg.

  1. Squat Swing
  2. Bottom’s up
  3. Horns Hold
  4. If you don’t have a medicine ball then grab a stone and Follow this move.


The people who are certified from Kettlebell Association and performed in the competition.

  1. High Swings.
  2. Fast Snatches.
  3. Throw, Tap & Catch.

These are all the short exercises which i have shared.

Hand And Eye Coordination

  1. Flip a coin, when it’s in the air, watch the speed of it. Keep on practicing until it coordinates.
  2. Take a tennis ball and start tapping it.

Next Step.
When you’ve finished with these drills (Hand and Eye Coordination) make sure that, all the basic kettlebell movements are smoother.
Few tips.

Step 1
Swing a kettlebell with two arms at your forehead level.

Step 2
Throw the kettlebell more than your height, catch it, and repeat this for 1 min (2 sets).

Step 3
While throwing it up, try to tap when the kettlebell is in the air.

Step 4
Now, Try to flip.

Step 5
Include different elements like Simple, Simple Reverse, Mug, Mug Reverse, Helicopter, Helicopter Reverse, Oblique, Oblique Reverse.

Step 6
Hold the kettlebell bottom on your palm at your shoulder level.

Step 7
Flip kettlebell to overhead level, let it land on your palm, that is static.
Here, the focus is very important.

Step 8
Lateral swings, which helps you to flip lateral movements.

Step 9
Lateral swing to flip.

Step 10
Include all the elements.

At first, I didn’t show much interest in kettlebell sport and I was amazed by kettlebell Juggling. Then I started learning more and more. It was easy to watch someone’s style and I never thought it would be challenging for me.

I started flipping with 16 kg kettlebell as it was very hard at the initial stage but I didn’t give up and went on practicing.

Now. love trying new things and exploring. I do practice some of the exercises which helps me to flip well.

If you’re serious about kettlebell juggling, then I can share with you some of the best exercises which make your flips easier. You can also check out my YouTube videos.

Consistency is key to flip doubles, triples. Once you have mastered the basics then you can mix all the elements one after another to flow in one sequence, which means Non-Stop Flips.

Some Of The Benefits Of Kettlebell Juggling And Kettlebell Exercises.

  • Improve posture
  • Increase Cardio Level
  • Punching Power (For Martial Artists)
  • Stability Control
  • Weight Loss
  • And also it helps to strengthen our back.
    According to me, it is the finest way to construct strength and it’s fun. You can also check my previous post.
    (One can choose the required program).

Main Key
A small suggestion from our side, start with 8kg, later you can go for 12 kg. (Competition Kettlebell)

Many athletes are learning kettlebells for better performance. I have a few clients who are into boxing and well built. Their agility training was entirely different and they wanted to include kettlebells to it. Some complexes with heavy Kettlebell took extra time for them to complete the set in the training session but they performed very well in the sparring matches.

Last but not least, the importance of handling the kettlebell ensures staying for a longer period.

Elements Name –
Simple Flip, Simple Reverse Flip, Mug Flip, Helicopter Flip, Oblique Flip, Simple Double Flips.

I will continue to make another post regarding Kettlebell Juggling.

Thank You.

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