Kettlebell Juggling In Bangalore By Raghava Rajaguru

Kettlebell Juggling In Bangalore By Raghava Rajaguru


I always recommend competition kettlebell to do exercise or juggling because it has a grip to workout for a longer time.

The Most Common Question is ‘Did Kettlebell Land On Your Leg While Juggling?’

Haha LOL, yes it was landed but not directly, it pitched on the ground and my feet were not quick at that time when it landed. I took a few minutes break till the pain decreased. So, I agree with that.

My 3 Strategies


How To Build Strength?

Well, if you ask me how to build strength for kettlebell juggling then I would suggest kettlebell snatch with 16kg kettlebell after warm-up, and my other way to build strength is Turkish GetUp. Fast snatches with 16kg kettlebell are the best to flow faster with good hand-eye coordination.

My Workout Plan & Diet

I’m a vegan, love to have a glass ragi malt every day before getting started. I do short cycle swings with 16 kg kettlebell alternate day and snatches. I love to have kiwi fruit and banana before meals. These are good for me and I am not looking for bulk advice from anyone. I love the way I am. Apart from gym workouts, kettlebell juggling/exercises are entirely different from the regular workouts which we do.

My Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Strength training can be in any manner, with equipment or without equipment. I usually activate my body by doing some conditioning exercises with a 16kg kettlebell for juggling. Fig 8/reverse fig 8/bottoms up hold/snatch hold and goblet squat is the basic and the best conditioning for me and also helps to increase the cardio level.

Whenever I see my kettlebell at home, I plan for the new move. At first, I thought of gaining more knowledge on kettlebell exercises, and suddenly juggling made me astounded to start immediately.
A couple of people questioned me “you mentioned that you’re juggling in 16 kg kettlebell but it looks like 2 or 3 kg”. That’s a good and funny question.

The Best Gift In Life Is Mind Power.

I started kettlebell juggling without having the basic knowledge of it and by just watching their moves. It was tough because I didn’t know whom to approach for help. One day a Russian man taught me many elements and I started learning it and slowly I understood the concept of Russian Kettlebell Juggling Sport.

To flip a 16kg kettlebell was a bit hard for me because I was weighing around 54kg but still I tried and never gave up.

This was my last year story.

Why I Started 5 Day WhatsApp Training

Many people from different social media asked me to give them online training on lockdown time but nobody had a kettlebell in their home and now slowly it’s unlocking. Hope everybody is back to workouts. I guess this is the right time for them who are interested to learn basic skills in juggling.

I cannot charge the fee 1500 INR for them in this situation and that’s not fair as well. So I decided to charge for less than what they would spend on a PIZZA.

Click here to start your kettlebell juggling journey

Some People On My Social media asked Me

This Passion Is Important To Me

As I told you before I started with no idea and now I graced up. Here, the important note is “All negative makes positive”.

Everyday We Need To Progress

One boring workout can make the entire fitness routine down but in kettlebell juggling every day it’s up because interesting things can’t forget easily.

Here Is Where I Train Kettlebell Juggling

Raghava Rajaguru

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