Kettlebell Juggling (Double Reverse)

Kettlebell Juggling is one of the best ways to get stronger and moreover it’s fun. If you start, you never quit that’s The Power of Kettlebell Juggling.
I have performed Double Flips in the video, you can just check it out my other video also.

My pal asked me how to do kettlebell Juggling?
First, you need to learn basic kettlebell moves and then kick start with juggling.

Few clients messaged me what is kettlebell sport? and origin?
It’s a Russian Kettlebell sport, repetitively lifting the weight by time provided or another word “long cycle”

Some people from online asked me what are the benefits of kettlebell juggling?
I already stated above “To build strength” and “moreover it’s fun”

Is There Any Course To Learn Kettlebell Juggling?
There are only a few people around the world who sell kettlebell juggling courses online. We also offer a basic kettlebell juggling course.

What are the Movements/Elements of Kettlebell Juggling?

  • Simple
  • Simple Reverse
  • Mug
  • Mug Reverse
  • Helicopter
  • Helicopter Reverse
  • Oblique
  • Oblique Reverse
  • Static
  • Under The Leg Flip
  • Between The Leg Flip
  • Mills (Simple, Mug, Oblique, Helicopter)
  • Behind The Back Flip
  • Low Lateral Flip
  • Over The Shoulder Flip
  • Side Swing To Flip
  • Upper Cut Flip
  • Forearm Spin
  • Chest Roll
  • Quad Roll
  • Back Roll

and many more.
(16kg kettlebell is for international standards)
It would be better if you start with 8 kg Kettlebell. Mix all these with single flips and go for doubles, triples, Quadruple, Quintuple.

What Are The Styles Of Kettlebell Juggling Flow?
As of now, there are (Which we know),
Classic Flow
Circus Flow
Calculated Flow

Classic Flow

In Russia there is a show to perform in a classic way, That’s their own style of Kettlebell juggling.

Circus Flow

You can mix up With few elements and start flowing.

Calculated Flow

Before performing it, you calculate how to do it? like what are the elements should I include today. for example- First Simple + Helicopter + Between The Leg flip + Upper Cut Flip + Static.
These are the styles.

I love kettlebell juggling and every day at least for half an hour I will spend some time learning more continuous flips and triple flips in a single flow.
To perform this, we need to do some basic exercises like Squats/Lunges/PushPress/Swings and more. Focus and coordination is very important.
Few single flip + exercise, that’s really fun for me, you can watch in my video. I love exploring new things and nowadays people are interested in Kettlebell Juggling all over the world and soon this will be the next best thing. Many trainers asked me for suggestions, that sounds great and I personally recommend you that, Try it out and say these flips are crazy.

Thank You

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