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Bangalore Kettlebell Juggler

I never thought that I would do juggling with a 16kg kettlebell because it was too heavy for me and I saw some people were juggling with 10kg and their body weight is more than mine. Then I decided to keep practicing every day until I do some multiple flips with different elements. Now, it has become more difficult than the beginning because I’m trying all doubles in a sequence including over the shoulder flips to helicopter mill.

Many people told me to keep trying until it is done properly and I really thank my friend who is an SCA certified trainer, who always supports me for doing this. He also offered me to take a class (Basic Kettlebell Juggling) where he works as a trainer (Bangalore, Vijayanagar).

Well, you can go through google to know more about kettlebell and what is competition kettlebell also. I don’t want to explain everything because the competition kettlebell comes under yellow color means 16kg Kettlebell (International Standards).

Many people are interested in learning kettlebell juggling but they don’t know how to start it.

Well, I have a solution for that, let me share you in detail below-

5 Day WhatsApp Training

Yes, I love to share this with you. Kettlebell Juggling 5 Day WhatsApp Training.

Hello Fitness Freaks,

Have you ever heard the name ‘Weight Is In The Air’?

Now, The gyms are open, thinking about how to creatively engage with your workouts. Well, you can add this to your regular workouts as well.


I am Raghava Rajaguru, experienced in kettlebell juggling for nearly a year, and believe it or not, I weigh just 55 kg and I can flip the 16kg kettlebell so easily with proper techniques.
It doesn’t matter how our body is, whether we’re bulky or skinny. The matter is a technique.
I have completed the kettlebell course from ekfa in 2018 and I started learning kettlebell juggling in 2019.

Want to know what these skills are and how to start?

I welcome you to the Russian Kettlebell Juggling Sport – from kids to granddads love it.

I know that kettlebell juggling is new to many of you and now many fitness freaks and fitness trainers are showing interest in this because it is one of the ways to build strength and moreover its FUN & many fitness enthusiasts say that this will be the next best thing in the fitness industry.

I never thought of training offline or online but some people asked me to train at least basic movements and I trained them offline as well as online. A few gym owners/ friends & others repeatedly asking me to train Basic Kettlebell Juggling. So then I decided to train them through WhatsApp.

If I train them directly, I would definitely charge 1500/- but a couple of weeks back the city started unlocking slowly, for this purpose I’m giving this program for less than what you would spend on a Protein Powder.

I bet, you can start juggling within 5 days by just following the instructions and I will help you to get it done.

The good news is I will be providing you all recorded videos no live sessions. (CHILL)

Here’s What You’re Going To Learn:-

Basic Kettlebell Exercises

Hand Eye Coordination Drill.

Kettlebell Drill

Explanation on how to do Kettlebell Juggling

Kettlebell Juggling different forms/elements.

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Raghava Rajaguru

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