Kettlebell Exercises: The Best Kettlebell Workouts For All

Along with some functional training or strength training, the fundamental exercise to our body is mobility strength with kettlebell exercises. Either we can include every day or alternate days. You might have some of my videos on youtube, and I have also explained the benefits to improve strength mobility exercises. Here, gym bodybuilding exercises are different than functional fitness.

By assuming these two are the same by a few people who are new to the fitness industry for them, take a look at how the variations are different than flow. The same variation repeated by a couple of reps is for bodybuilding, and flowing the weights with unilateral direction or isometric direction can free the joints and strengthens them.

Let’s go advance instead of lazy old movements which we usually often do. We all might have done kettlebell swings, snatch, clean, and another basic version of kettlebell exercises but today we’re crossing the basic bridge to intermediate and beginning of the advanced level.

Kettlebell Exercises: The Best Kettlebell Workouts For All

Well, let’s jump

Intermediate Level For All

1 Kettlebell Rack Walk

Hold both the kettlebell in the rack position and just step once and do kettlebell clean to squat. This is for both upper and lower body conditioning.

2 Alternate Press Walk

We might have done alternate press or sea saw press but a bit of change of motion. One hand rack and another hand press and step one foot front.

3 Kettlebell Bottoms Up

Let’s do a kettlebell bottoms-up walk with both arms and walk straight. This builds focus and grip simultaneously.

4 Alternate Cleans

Hold the kettlebells in the rack position and swing laterally to the rack position alternately. This is for arm mobility.

5 Rack Hold Sit

Just hold bells in the rack position and sit slowly and get up. One of the best exercises for all including athletes.

6 Hops

Jump like bunny hops movements by holding 16kg kettlebell in the goblet position (holding the bell in front of the chest). Great exercise for lower body and stability exercise for upper body

Advance Level

1 Snatch To Squat

16kg bell required to do this movement, kettlebell snatch, and squat. This improves a lot of mobility strength for the entire body.

2 Turkish Get-up Press

We might have done Turkish get up but here we’re including press for every stop of the Turkish get-up movement.

3 Gorilla Cleans

Here, in this movement, fast motion is required for better cardio and strength.

4 Kettlebell Unilateral Swings

Hold kettlebells in a rack place, swing both the kettlebells to one in-between the leg and another outside of the leg means lateral.

5 Bottoms-up Snatch

In this move, let’s do, bottoms-up snatch to rotational clean to improve grip strength.

6 Rack Squat

Here, in this exercise. Swing the kettlebell after every squat and hold the kettlebell in the rack place to squat.

Try all these and I feel these are great cardio exercises.

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