Is Kettlebell Exercise Good For Cricketers?

How many of you know about kettlebell?
I guess, only a few. While I was practicing kettlebell flow on the ground, a few athletes asked ‘is kettlebell exercise good for cricketers’?

Let Me Share With You How Kettlebell Exercise Can Help Cricketers.

Lifting the weights and swinging the weights are different. In cricket, we swing the bat to hit the ball for a boundary and we’re not lifting the bat.
I hope this point is valid.
Not only to the cricketers as well as tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, martial arts, and other sport respectively.

While bowling, bowlers concentrate on line and length, and that’s right. no one said against it. In kettlebells, you can improve the power by swinging and there are a few kinds of swings that have to be noticed before getting involved in it.

We lift weights in the gym to build the shape. To build explosive strength for posterior chains, try kettlebell exercises.

Just have a look at Suresh Raina’s Instagram reels videos. In this video, he swings the kettlebell. Did you know why? It helps to move the shoulder joints freely.

Suresh Raina Workout

Is Kettlebell Exercise Good For Cricketers?

Cricket Sport

In most countries, cricket sport is common. In India, everyone loves to play cricket. From small kids to grown-ups/granddads/grandmother. Some people play cricket for fun and some as a professional.

It’s very important to know which are the exercises to do for professional cricket players before playing in district cricket matches or zonal cricket matches.

Tips For Cricket

Best Tips For Cricket Batting

Points to remember for a cricketer is to check the ability and the body condition first and activating the muscles and joints. There are many exercises, but the right exercises help in the future.

There are many exercises to concentrate on the object but the first step for success is to focus on one and that is hand-eye coordination, this comes from Juggling a ball.

Use rotational exercises.

Wall sit is good and it would be highly powerful if some weights added.

Best Exercises For Cricketers

For a cricketer, athlete body is a must, these workout programs you have to get it from the sports trainers.

For batting and bowling, you will be encouraged by the cricket coach.

For highly effective to the entire back, use kettlebells (Kettlebell Trainer).

Best Exercise For Side Arm Throw or Throwers In Cricket

I feel, these 2 exercises helps for a side arm thrower and fielders.

Injury Free Exercises For Cricketers

I would like to share some important information for injury-free. The first and foremost is to do mobility exercises more, instead of strength training directly after some stretching. I have some experience in training this kind of exercise. The stretching part is different and the warm-up is different. Some athletes include stretching in their kick start exercise.

Kettlebell swings with heavy weight reach maximum fitness level and improve cardio.

Cricket Shot

If you’re playing a cover drive or straight drive or dhoni helicopter shot, you need to do a 180-degree angle exercise not just push or pull. Some coaches say “180-degree angle exercise is not required in cricket”. Well, if that be the case, then why would batsmen use cover drive shot or sweep shot or bouncer?

Spin Bowlers or Fast Bowlers

Once I experimented with my client before his cricket match. The exercise name is stone’s throw and kettlebell throw.

Stone’s Throw

I told him to pick a stone and bowl like a minimum speed bowler to the striking end. He bowled 25 times and he was not satisfied with this exercise at that time. After his match, he called me and said, “Sir, that stone’s throw workout was really helpful for me” Thank You.

Kettlebell Throw

By just doing snatch with a 16kg kettlebell and throwing straight away from the snatch position is literally an intense strength to the back as well as the core. This method is also good for bowlers and fielders.

Best Strength Training For Cricket Players

Cricket Batting

How To Improve Batting Skills (Cricket)

After the warm-up, a shadow cricket drill can be helpful. Shadow cricket means without holding a bat and striking in the air in various directions, just like shadow boxing. It helps to understand the logic of batting.

How To Improve Your Batting Performance

As I mentioned above, swinging exercises will improve your batting performance. You can try it at the gym. Especially kettlebell swings.

Cricket Power-Hitting Technique

This exercise, which encourages us to perform more than our ability is to do this simple flow with a kettlebell. Bottoms up to snatch with 12kg for 12*2 sets

Cricket Exercises For Batsmen

Along with your general cricket exercises, you can add this exercise as a backup.

Kettlebell clean means swing a kettlebell and hold it in the rack position and run from strike end to nonstrike end. This improves speed and cardio as well as strength.

How To Increase Hand Power For Cricket Batting

Kettlebell fast snatches with 16 kg and alternate snatches.

Cricket Fielding

My suggestion is, kettlebell goblet hold and run as per the cone placed and leave the kettlebell at the one particular cone and move on as per the cone placed and back again to the kettlebell left and repeat it.

Another important suggestion is, do ali shuffle in the agility ladder by holding the kettlebell.

Cricket Bowling

Hold the kettlebell in the rack position with the support of another hand and run for five seconds and squat for seconds. This would generate a huge strength to the entire body.

Cricket Workout Program

Apart from the workouts which have been instructed by your coach, just get one kettlebell at home.

The proper kettlebell to get.

The Right Kettlebell To Use.

Use this kettlebell for explosive strength

Try all these exercises at home.

Why kettlebell to add more in the sports activities means, it is compactable.

Well, this is my suggestion because I have been in the kettlebell sport for more than a year and I regularly do some workouts in kettlebells and I gained some knowledge by researching and testing by doing different exercises.

Hope this helps

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