How To Start Boxing (Inspired By Rocky Movie)

This is my story. Why did I start boxing?

For self-defense, I wanted to start boxing and I was truly inspired by Rocky Movie, (when I watched it for the first time in 1998) and that made me think about boxing every day. Then I started searching boxing academy near me. Through reference I reached one trainer, he was Kung Fu Master, then I started learning some basic kung fu skills and it ended up very soon.

Raghava Rajaguru

After many years, I was re-inspired by another series of that Rocky Movie and I contacted a few of the boxing academy and I found one trainer but all the training sessions were outside (Ground) and I was only one student for him just like Karate Kid Movie. After 3 months he relocated to somewhere and I was done with that. meanwhile, I had an opportunity to spar with many sparring partners, who were more than my weight.
Now, I’m exploring new things in the fitness field and love to continue in this sport as well as to learn the latest boxing skills.

How To Start Boxing?

My trainer taught me a very good lesson regarding How To Start boxing.
First, no anger, no enemies. to learn boxing we need to keep our mind clean.
Second, Mobility, Cardio, HIIT Training
Third, Basic boxing Skills like Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, Shadow Boxing.
Fourth, Bobbing, slipping, duck.
Fifth, Footwork.
Sixth, Punching Bag Drills.
Seventh, Focus Pad Drills.
Eighth, Learnt How To Avoid Punches, How To Increase Hand Speed, How To Increase Punching Power, Hand and Eye Coordination Drills For Boxing,

We have to do step by step, we can’t learn all these in one day.

Then I started to watch some Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson Videos for footwork improvement. I Involved a few skills of Muhammed Ali’s Head Movement in my routine and The Best Way To learn Head Movement is Slip Bag Drills.

When I started boxing it was not hard but I took it lightly then the situation demanded to work seriously on it.
To maintain fitness we can do many exercises but my vision was to learn boxing. Now, it’s been 10 plus years.

My Training Session

I used to wake up 6 in the morning around, after 1 km of jogging, and then I was having some fruits (Banana, Kiwi, papaya) and then shadowboxing around 8 am followed by wrist exercises + knuckle push-ups and wrist push-ups for 2 sets and that were my good routine. The next drill was “Slip Bag” for half an hour and some times I extended for 1 hour and then some Punching Bag Drills.

Every week I used to spar with my sparring partner and I was waiting for the opportunity to get into the ring match. I missed one chance because of my job and I approached again to the Boxing organizers and team, it didn’t work for me.

So, then I started training again in the gym. Few people asked me to train some of the Basic Boxing Skills. well, that was a good offer, I said “YES”.

The Story Of Sparring

Once, I was sparring with my friend, at first it ran healthily, then ended up with a real fight. we both were sparring like street fighters and that was very funny. Again he came back to spar with me after a few months and that was a healthy fight. Right now he is a trainer at one of the fitness clubs and we meet up every weekend and I would like to share with you, some of my workouts.

My Boxing Exercises

  • Mobility Exercises for 30 Min.
  • Shadow Boxing For 3 min x 3 sets.
  • Shadow Boxing with 2kg Dumbbell for 3 min x 3 sets.
  • Agility ladder drills for 3 min x 3 sets. (Ali Shuffle)
  • Cone Drills
  • Hand and Eye Co-Ordination Drills (Tennis Ball)
  • HIIT training
  • Punching Bag Drills
  • Speed Bag Drills
  • Slip Bag Drills
  • Double End Ball Drills
  • Stones Throw
  • Hammer Slam
  • Reaction Ball
  • Resistance Band Exercises

Recent Info-
2 years back I met an incident that made me put down, but I’m still standing. I was not able to do proper footwork because of shin and ankle injury, I won’t call it as severe but “it was”. Now I’m totally into kettlebell training and I haven’t forgotten the skills. Even today I practice some of it and I train kettlebells to martial artists.

Kettlebell training helps you to punch harder than other equipment drills. for example uppercut. you can just check it out through this link UPPERCUT.
Few trainers asked me for Kettlebell Training and I’m really happy to train them. Thanks for believing me.

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Thank you.

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