How To Spin A Kettlebell (Kettlebell Juggling)

The two difference between in kettlebell juggling is Flip & Spin

The Kettlebell handle pushing away toward the front is flip and the kettlebell handle pushing sideways is spin.

What Are The Types Of Spin In Kettlebell Juggling?

  1. Helicopter Spin
  2. Mug Spin

1. Helicopter Spin

Spinning the kettlebell in a flat shape to sideways is helicopter spin.

2. Mug Spin

Spinning the kettlebell towards sideways in a vertical way.

We Can Also Do These Spins.

Wrist Spin or Spin-On Wrist

Make sure to spin with more force so that it can spin double to triple and we can also bump while rolling on the wrist and it will spin for a certain height and we can catch the kettlebell handle.

Arm Roll or Spin On Arm

By lifting up the kettlebell from one hand to spin on another arm by holding a shield pose. It means covering the face by an elbow in a horizontal way with single or multiple spins.

Chest Roll

Wide your chest up after swinging the kettlebell and roll it on the chest

Knee/Thigh Roll or Spin On Thigh

Before spinning it on the knee, the first step is to do swing and hold the bell sideways for helicopter spin and then spin it on the knee.

Back Roll

It Means roll on back while bending down.

Rack Spin

Just spin the kettlebell a little faster to spin twice and hold a hand in a rack stall position to spin on the hand.

Spinning The Kettlebell On The Fingers

Swing the kettlebell at a certain height for helicopter spin and while it’s spinning in the air, use any of the fingers from another hand at the center of the kettlebell.

Rack Flip To Rack Hold

Hold a kettlebell in a rack position and use power from lower to the elbow by flip motion, so that a kettlebell will flip in the air and hold back in the rack position. Just have a look at my Instagram video

How To Spin A Kettlebell In The Air?

Just like how you throw the ball up in the air and the ball weight maybe around 50-60 grams but competition kettlebell weight starts from 8kg to 48 and more. This is also called as weight is in the air. Once you throw a kettlebell in the air by pushing gently towards sideways.

Well, if I spin the kettlebell up in the air, after a few spins, if we want to hold it back then we must have practiced coordination drill a lot and it is good to practice alternate days instead of every day. If you’re very serious about kettlebell juggling then practice a few flips and spins a day and within a few weeks, you will master it.

Anyone can try these spins by watching youtube videos but I recommend taking at least online training because we spend money on many things that can’t be reused. Once if you gain the knowledge it will be there forever.

I have demonstrated some of the kettlebell juggling elements and please do not try without any guidance from a kettlebell juggling expert/kettlebell juggler.

Just go through here –> Kettlebell Juggling Basics

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