How To Learn Kettlebell Juggling Basics

You can learn kettlebell Juggling anywhere in the world through online. Some people are worried about how much it costs and they search in google “How To Learn Kettlebell Juggling Basics” and its benefits.

Well, here is the opportunity to learn from online.

I could get the same question from many people that “How can I learn kettlebell juggling from you”, “Do you train on ZOOM or how?” I said, “I train on WhatsApp because they can understand easily and I will be able to reply and give them suggestions ASAP”.

Why WhatsApp Training?

This is a pretty good question. Nowadays, everybody loves to stay connected to WhatsApp and to help them whenever they have doubts and so I can clarify it.

Have You Trained Before?

Yes, I have trained many people on WhatsApp,

Here is my client Mahadik video

Since How Long You’ve Been Juggling The Kettlebell?

A year of experience in Kettlebell Juggling (since October 2019) and also I’m planning to flip with different weights like 24/32kg kettlebell. Right now I flip with 8 to 18 kg (multiple flips).

How Long Will It take For Me To Juggle The Kettlebell After WhatsApp Training?

In just 5 days.

How To Learn Kettlebell Juggling Basics

Here, you will be learning

1) Basic Kettlebell Exercises For Juggling
2) Coordination Drill
3) Explanation
4) Different Elements
5) Bonus – Strengthening Workout Videos

Fun Exercises

I call this a fun exercise because it is just like juggling the softball or less weight ball and it is new to many people. They will look like a shocking scene while I flip the kettlebell.

Sometimes the sequence will be very fast with multiple flips & elements and sometimes normal speed with all single flips and it depends on the frame of mind.

We usually think we can flip the kettlebell easily by watching videos on youtube but that may be right to some extent (It means 0.005%, but not that accurate to flip.
There are simple methods to flip a kettlebell

  1. High swing
  2. Push away the handle from your side
  3. Holding from another hand.

Looks very easy and this method is without formula but needs to understand the trajectory of throws in the right direction just like a drawing a diagram on a sheet.

For example, without boxing practice how can one fight with an experienced boxer?. The same procedure projects on every sport or game.

What Is Mill In Kettlebell Juggling?

It is a circle, to flip a kettlebell in an archway, first, we have to do 180 degrees bottom half swing (lateral swing) just like a half-circle another word is pendulum lateral swing. Then apply force when the kettlebell is at the end of the bottom half, then leave the kettlebell by pushing the handle so that it can flip in the air for 180 degrees and grab the handle in which direction it goes to complete a circle. This is called mill in kettlebell juggling and you can also add a different element in mills like oblique, simple, simple reverse, mug.
please watch the video here so you can understand easily.

Which Is The Proper Way To Flip a Kettlebell?

Swing at the shoulder level or above the forehead and then flip a kettlebell this is the exact way. I have experienced in kettlebell with low flips and that is not good because it won’t be in a pendulum way and it hurts the shoulder. The key focus in kettlebell juggling is using the lower body every time while flipping.

Here, the kettlebell swing is the first exercise to develop flips slowly. The next exercise is squat and combines swing and squat that is squat-swing. This exercise helps the entire body for beginners to the juggling. The next level is fast snatches with 16 kg.

What Is Fancy Flow In Kettlebell Flips (Kettlebell Juggling)

Multiple flips which flows non stop with different elements, just like Micheal Jackson moonwalk step. LOL

What Are Juggling Exercises?

Here, juggling is different, and exercise is different and juggling exercises is different. Let me try to explain in details

  • Juggling – We can juggle in our own style by combining different flips and spins
  • Kettlebell Exercises – We can do, swings, snatch, high pull, row, complex, ladder, and many more.
  • Juggling Exercise – It means, flipping the same element for some reps.

I have shared my experience about Drop Zone please do click the link

How To Do “Between The Leg Flips” And “Under The Leg Flips”?

Swing the kettlebell and throw towards the back between both legs to flip it and hold it from another hand. This is ‘Between The Leg Flips’.
While doing Lateral swings to flip make sure to lift one of the legs up to flip under the leg and hold on another hand. – ‘Under The Leg Flips’.

All these are theories but you need to do practical to feel the experience.

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