How To Learn Kettlebell Juggling Basics

You can learn kettlebell Juggling anywhere in the world online. Some people are worried about how much it costs and they search on google “How To Learn Kettlebell Juggling Basics” and its benefits.

I could get the same question from many people that “How can I learn kettlebell juggling from you”, “Do you train on ZOOM or how?” I said, “I have a video course, anyone in the world can understand easily by just watching videos”.

Since How Long You’ve Been Juggling The Kettlebell?

A year of experience in Kettlebell Juggling (since October 2019), and also I’m planning to flip with different weights like 24/32kg kettlebell. Right now I flip with 8 to 18 kg (multiple flips).

How To Learn Kettlebell Juggling Basics

Here, you will be learning

1) Basic Kettlebell Exercises For Juggling
2) Coordination Drill
3) Explanation
4) Different Elements
5) Bonus – Strengthening Workout Videos

Fun Exercises

I call this a fun exercise because it is just like juggling the softball or less weight ball and it is new to many people. They will look like a shocking scene while I flip the kettlebell.

Sometimes the sequence will be very fast with multiple flips & elements and sometimes normal speed with all single flips and it depends on the frame of mind.

We usually think we can flip the kettlebell easily by watching videos on youtube but that may be right to some extent (It means 0.005%, but not that accurate to flip.
There are simple methods to flip a kettlebell

  1. Swing
  2. Push
  3. Grip

Looks very easy and this method is without formula but one needs to understand the trajectory of throws in the right direction just like drawing a diagram on a sheet.

For example, without boxing practice how can one fight with an experienced boxer? The same procedure projects on every sport or game.

What Is Mill In Kettlebell Juggling?

It is a circle, to flip a kettlebell in an archway, first, we have to do 180 degrees bottom half swing (lateral swing) just like a half-circle another word is pendulum lateral swing. Then apply force when the kettlebell is at the end of the bottom half, then leave the kettlebell by pushing the handle so that it can flip in the air for 180 degrees and grab the handle in which direction it goes to complete a circle. This is called mill in kettlebell juggling and you can also add a different element in mills like oblique, simple, simple reverse, mug.
please watch the video here so you can understand it easily.

Which Is The Proper Way To Flip a Kettlebell?

Swing at the shoulder level or above the forehead and then flip a kettlebell, this is the exact way. I have experienced in kettlebell with low flips and that is not good because it won’t be in a pendulum way and it hurts the shoulder. The key focus in kettlebell juggling is using the lower body every time while flipping.

Here, the kettlebell swing is the first exercise to develop flips slowly. The next exercise is squat and combines swing and squat that is squat-swing. This exercise helps the entire body for beginners to the juggling. The next level is a jerk with 16 kg.

What Is Fancy Flow In Kettlebell Flips (Kettlebell Juggling)

Multiple flips flows non stop with different elements, just like Micheal Jackson moonwalk step. LOL

What Are Juggling Exercises?

Here, juggling is different, and exercise is different and juggling exercises is different. Let me try to explain in details

  • Juggling – We can juggle in our own style by combining different flips and spins
  • Kettlebell Exercises – We can do, swings, snatch, high pull, row, complex, ladder, and many more.
  • Juggling Exercise – It means, flipping the same element for some reps.

I have shared my experience about Drop Zone please do check.

How To Do “Between The Leg Flips” And “Under The Leg Flips”?

Swing the kettlebell and throw it towards the back between both legs to flip it and hold it from another hand. This is ‘Between The Leg Flips’.
While doing Lateral swings to flip make sure to lift one of the legs up to flip under the leg and hold on another hand. – ‘Under The Leg Flips’.

All these are theories but you need to do practical to feel the experience.

RawFit Training

If you start practicing, you never quit that’s The Power of Kettlebell Juggling.
I have performed Double Flips in the video, you can just check out my other video also.

My pal asked me how to do kettlebell Juggling?
First, you need to learn basic kettlebell moves and then kick start with juggling.

Few clients messaged me what is kettlebell sport? and origin?
It’s a Russian Kettlebell sport, repetitively lifting the weight by time provided or another word “long cycle”

Some people from online asked me what are the benefits of kettlebell juggling?
I already stated above “To build strength” and “fun”

What Are The Movements/Elements of Kettlebell Juggling?

The names of the kettlebell juggling are as follows:-

  • Simple Flip
  • Simple Reverse Flip
  • Mug Spin
  • Mug Reverse Spin
  • Helicopter Spin
  • Helicopter Reverse Spin
  • Oblique Flip
  • Oblique Reverse Flip
  • Static
  • Under The Leg Flip
  • Between The Leg Flip
  • Mills (Simple, Mug, Oblique, Helicopter)
  • Behind The Back Flip
  • Low Lateral Flip
  • Over The Shoulder Flip
  • Over The Head Flip & Spin
  • Lateral Flip
  • Upper Cut Flip
  • Forearm Spin
  • Chest Roll
  • Quad Roll
  • Back Roll

and many more.
(16kg kettlebell is for international standards)
It would be better if you start with 8 kg Kettlebell. Mix all these with single flips and go for doubles, triples, Quadruple, Quintuple.

If you want to know the names of the kettlebell juggling with movement, then just a small suggestion for you, just be in touch with my YouTube channel.

What Are The Styles Of Kettlebell Juggling Flow?

As of now, there are (which we know),
Classic Flow
Circus Flow
Calculated Flow

Classic Flow

In Russia there is a show to perform in a classic way, That’s their own style of Kettlebell juggling.

Circus Flow

You can mix up with a few elements and start flowing.

Calculated Flow

Before performing it, you calculate how to do it? what are the elements should I include today. for example- First Simple + Helicopter + Between The Leg flip + Upper Cut Flip + Static.
These are the styles.

I love kettlebell juggling and every day at least for half an hour I will spend some time learning more continuous flips and triple flips in a single flow.
To perform this, we need to do some basic exercises like Squats/Lunges/PushPress/Swings, and more. Focus and coordination are very important.
Few single flip + exercises, that’s really fun for me, you can watch in my video. I love exploring new things and nowadays people are interested in Kettlebell Juggling all over the world and soon this will be the next best thing. Many trainers asked me for suggestions, that sounds great and I personally recommend you that, Try it out and say these flips are crazy.

Why? Ideal Exercises Are Important To Flip A Kettlebell

Lets us know Why? Ideal Exercises Are Important To Flip A Kettlebell.

In boxing, before getting engaged in a heavy bag drill, we usually start shadow boxing. am I right?
Well, the same method implies here.
If one wants to become a master, then one must focus on the object and then practice some of the drills based on those exercises.
Here, the trajectory of throws is very important than throwing in an unplanned direction.

Benefits Of Kettlebell Juggling

Before throwing the kettlebell in the air, hand-eye coordination must be like iron and magnet. I have explained in detail to all my clients. Cut the nails off before juggling a kettlebell.

It improves

  • Awareness
  • Quickness
  • Fast Reaction
  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Cardio
  • Focus
  • Sense
  • Flow
  • Fun

If We Don’t Have The Knowledge, Then We Think It’s Dangerous

If we don’t have knowledge about a particular sport then we say it’s dangerous and it is obvious because of not aware of it.

Some certified fitness trainers say “kettlebell juggling is dangerous”. Well, if I want to be very honest, every sport is dangerous. Let’s say, martial arts, rugby, scuba diving, and when it comes to a popular sport like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, has any player hasn’t suffered from an injury? it’s all in the game, am I right?
We have watched many CCTV footage of the gym sustaining injuries while exercising. How come it all happened? Is that not dangerous? Questions raised from all angles.

Here, in kettlebell juggling the benefits are many, I have already mentioned above.

As I said before, how boxers do shadow boxing before working on a punch bag drill, like that in kettlebell juggling we do start with shadow juggling and calculate on throws for power to rotate multiple times in the air.

This question was asked by an ACE certified fitness trainer when I visited the gym to explain about benefits of kettlebell Juggling. I would like to share these techniques with everyone and I support you to learn.

Learn Basic Kettlebell Juggling For Free

You can learn kettlebell juggling basics for free by just watching videos on YouTube but I’m not sure that you will learn exactly. An explanation is needed.

Learn Basic Kettlebell Juggling For Free
Kettlebell Juggling

I hope, you know some basic Kettlebell movements and I guess you might have done a short marathon (Snatch). If not, then check out my other video which states clearly the introduction to the kettlebell sport.

I Have separated into 3 different levels-
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Let’s start with,


Don’t worry, we will provide you with the basic introduction through the video.

  1. Just start with some Mobility Exercises for 1 week.
  2. HIIT Workouts.
  3. Get the light kettlebell.
  4. Basic swings with both arms.
  5. Snatch
  6. One arm high swings
    Note- Every time you have to start with mobility exercises before getting into kettlebells.


If you know how to handle kettlebells, then kick start with snatch and it may be better to do with 16kg.

  1. Squat Swing
  2. Bottom’s up
  3. Horns Hold
  4. If you don’t have a medicine ball then grab a stone and Follow this move.


The people who are certified from Kettlebell Association and performed in the competition.

  1. High Swings.
  2. Fast Snatches.
  3. Throw, Tap & Catch.

These are all the short exercises which i have shared.

Hand And Eye Coordination

  1. Flip a coin, when it’s in the air, watch the speed of it. Keep on practicing until it coordinates.
  2. Take a tennis ball and start tapping it.

Next Step.
When you’ve finished with these drills (Hand and Eye Coordination) make sure that, all the basic kettlebell movements are smoother.
A Few Tips.

There are 10 steps to juggle a kettlebell, if you miss any one you won’t be able to catch it.

I can explain to you a theoretical way but you need a practical explanation then only you can able to understand the concept and kettlebell juggling. I will also update the videos of other elements and that too for FREE!!

At first, I didn’t show much interest in kettlebell sport and I was amazed by kettlebell Juggling. Then I started learning more and more. It was easy to watch someone’s style and I never thought it would be challenging for me.

I started flipping with 16 kg kettlebell as it was very hard at the initial stage but I didn’t give up and went on practicing.

Now. love trying new things and exploring. I do practice some of the exercises which helps me to flip well.

If you’re serious about kettlebell juggling, then I can share with you some of the best exercises which make your flips easier.

Consistency is key to flip doubles, triples. Once you have mastered the basics then you can mix all the elements one after another to flow in one sequence, which means Non-Stop Flips.

Some Of The Benefits Of Kettlebell Exercises.

  • Improve posture
  • Increase Cardio Level
  • Punching Power (For Martial Artists)
  • Stability Control
  • Weight Loss
  • And also it helps to strengthen our back.
    According to me, it is the finest way to construct strength and it’s fun. You can also check my previous post.
    (One can choose the required program).

Main Key

A small suggestion from our side, start with 8kg, later you can go for 12 kg. (Competition Kettlebell)

Many athletes are learning kettlebells for better performance. I have a few clients who are into boxing and well built. Their agility training was entirely different and they wanted to include kettlebells to it. Some complexes with heavy Kettlebell took extra time for them to complete the set in the training session but they performed very well in the sparring matches.

Last but not least, the importance of handling the kettlebell ensures staying for a longer period.

Elements Name –
Simple Flip, Simple Reverse Flip, Mug Flip, Helicopter Flip, Oblique Flip, Simple Double Flips.

I will continue to make another post regarding Kettlebell Juggling.

How To Learn Kettlebell Juggling Basics

Just Click Here to get a video course to learn immediately.

Thank You.

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