How To Learn Cardio Kickboxing 2021

Cardio kickboxing comes under functional training. A fun workout to stay fit and learning defensive skills in a lighter way to reduce weight or to improve the cardio level. It’s all same workouts as the famous boxers and kickboxers workout styles but in a different way and depends on the client’s requirement.

Most countries include cardio kickboxing as a great session and some experts say one of the best ways to burn fat and lose weight as well as learning some defensive skills. In Zumba, there are some steps and that will be called dance workouts. In cardio-kickboxing build more focus and awesome strength as well as fun.

The fun will be there in each and every game but it depends on the selection of the game. Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves to get involved in some activities to grow and also it depends on the environment. If the surroundings have good vibes then all the bad visions cannot overtake a good.

How To Learn Cardio Kickboxing 2021

Make sure to exhale while punching or kicking and this is the key. We get tired slowly. If done wrongly then we get tired instantly. Generally, cardio kickboxing workouts are the same as kickboxing workouts but it won’t be that harder and that’s why everyone loves to start cardio kickboxing.

In boxing, to improve hand speed, the boxers will practice speedball. In cardio-kickboxing it’s a shadow workout. This doesn’t mean that every workout in cardio kickboxing is a shadow workout, we can also practice some punch combos on the punching bag.

Before getting directly into the main workouts of cardio kickboxing, better to do some squats and some stability exercises to improve performance. If conditioning did well at the beginning then the advanced level workouts won’t be much difficult.

Cardio Kickboxing Combinations List

As I told above about how cardio kickboxing relates to kickboxing workouts then you might have gained some knowledge on it. The same combination you can include in a lighter way and I would like to share some of the beginners cardio kickboxing combinations list.

  1. Jab, cross, straight kick
  2. Hook, uppercut, knee shot, cross
  3. Double jab, duck, cross, slip, uppercut, jump kick

Jumping jacks can help to free your body before getting started into boxing or cardio kickboxing. The session is to learn how well the person practices the punch to land properly.

The key point in boxing or cardio kickboxing is to pivot the leg whenever the punch is going out and stance will be considered a pillar. To strengthen the legs by doing more lower body workouts along with upper body workouts.

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Hand-Eye Coordination

Sometimes all the key points will be in the right move but the eye contact slips. For this, hand-eye coordination is compulsory and this is soo fun than any other. One can do a different drill with one tennis ball at home or any other place.

Can We Get In Shape By Practicing Cardio Kickboxing

Certainly yes, the drill should be like a drill, not just 2-3 repetitions and completing the set. This is just like school punishment how our teacher used to give imposition 100 times. The way same this is.

Focus Is The Key

Slow is good in cardio kickboxing beginners level and later on, we can speed up the same techniques.

Is This Good To Start At Home?

First, learn the movement and do that movement drill for 2 sets and repeat whenever you’re free.
You can have a look at some of the basic techniques and you can learn by just watching this video slowly.

I hope “How To Learn Cardio Kickboxing 2021” will be your favorite home workouts with partners or without.

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Disclosure: Some of these are my personal experience and client's result. If you have any issues in the knee, please consult a physiotherapist. I have suggested and this is not advice. Thank You

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