How To Do Stability Exercises With Kettlebell?

How To Do Stability Exercises With Kettlebell?

Raghava Rajaguru

The State Of Being Stable Is Stability.

There are many types of Stability Exercise for different parts of the body. Choose which stability Exercises you want to do.
Starting from head to toe.
For Example, Plank/Wall sit/ or any other which challenges you, do it for a few seconds and share your experience with us (This is for beginners)
Well, lets come to the point, Just grab a 2x6kg kettlebell and do Bottoms Up overhead press slowly, if it’s good then increase the weight, if not then do one more round.

Stability Training

As we know that there are plenty of workouts we can do (simple to hardcore), out of all we practice only a few and it’s up to our capacity.
People choose complex workouts because it’s very attractive but to perform it, it’s very hard and needs more dedication.
We always neglect simple exercises because they won’t attract much. Well, I personally recommend to the beginners that, do simple drills for 3 sets of Body Weight Program or with lightweight at the first Level and can add up more weights later on for better results.

How To Do Stability Exercises With Kettlebell?

Let’s build
This is very simple to say and it’s not too hard to do.
Everything lies under patience and concentration power.
If you’re doing elbow/straight/knuckle plank for 3 minutes then you have gained more control and increased stability. that’s really great.
Start building stability in your life by just doing simple tasks then you can reach an advanced level slowly.
For example, Today you start with a wall sit for 10 sec, then tomorrow for 15 sec, day after tomorrow for 20 sec, like this you can increase the stability in your life.

The best Stability Exercise is with a kettlebell.

Bottoms up is the best way to build your strength as well as stability, it ensures to focus more on how to balance the weight.
For example, if I take a 16kg kettlebell and start doing bottoms up then I can able to do only for 1 second, if I include in my regular routine then I can able to do it for 10 seconds in 10 days. This is not only my personal experience and also my client’s review as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Stability Exercises

  • We never ignore challenges
  • We balance more instead of falling down
  • Controlling capacity
  • Strengthens entire body
  • The outcome of the weakness
  • Proper Posture
  • Quick Recovery
  • Co-ordination Effect

How Will It Increases Our Thinking Capacity?

If you concentrate on one thing then you can complete the task properly. same as, when you do Kettlebell Bottoms Up for the first time, you manage the weight and you focus more on it. automatically increases strength.
Some people want everything to happen in one day, that’s impossible. Dedication is very important, consistency is key or consistency is powerful. Just like studies, if we study hard we will remember the points. if the same dedication, we include in the fitness then it’s possible.

No matter your age and weight, use more than 10 kg to outcome the weakness. First, Take support then do it without any support. that’s it (You Did It)

All the above statement are my personal experience and also my client’s review.

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