How To Do Sissy Squat (Simple and Effective)

How To Do Sissy Squat (Simple and Effective) it’s very simple and easy, Just follow these simple steps and I don’t call this as complicated and we cannot decide blindly. Mistakes are the first step to learn advance. I think this is “The Best Home Workout“.

Raghava Rajaguru

This was a very challenging squat for me but I took this very lightly because it was not that difficult. Once my client asked me, how come all your workouts are so cool, then I replied “Focus”. I never let myself down and the positivity is always with me. I never rush on new exercises, I plan, and execute.
My vision is to help others, I will be like an athlete, so I can learn a lot and practice and whoever comes for training, I’m good at it.

Nothing is easy to do, consistency is key. Sometimes we will blow our mind unnecessarily for not happening what we had planned.
let’s make it happen.

Many Clients asked me How To Do Sissy Squat (Simple and Effective). I Said, This is one of the hardest exercises and not for beginners, we can also go deep and touch the floor for more effectiveness, to do this we need more practice.
Start with some Mobility Exercises and then

  1. Walk on four sides of the feet (100)
  • Heel
  • Toe
  • Arch of the foot
  • Sole

Start walking one after one for 30sec (each) for 2 sets, (rest for 1 min after one set). feet will activate to do more squat, lunges, cossack squat. These exercises will make you more comfortable to access the next level.

  1. Toe raises and squats (with wall support)

The best way to do toe squat is to take wall support. This exercise ensures to balance more on the toe for some time.

  1. Heel Raises and squats with wall support

Here we are doing little changes, instead of both hands (wall support), let’s take support form one arm so that we can control the tension. Raise your heel with one arm wall support and squat slowly for 8-12 reps for 2 sets. This exercise support calves to balance.

  1. Front (Deep) Squat with Dumbbell or Kettlebell.

Here, first set front squat (no need of equipment) for 30reps, next set is with 8kg dumbbell or kettlebell, for 18-20reps. You can also increase weight.

  1. Rope Support Toe Squat

Do toe squat with the help of rope attached to the ceiling or whichever is perfect to hold, this exercise helps to do a sissy squat without any support.

  1. Start With Sissy Squat Slowly

Now, this is the final step, elevate your heel and squat slowly (try to go deeper), (as much as you can) that’s it. Keep Practicing.

This might take several days
Do Safe Don’t rush and don’t blame others for not getting it properly

All the above statements are my personal experience and also by my client’s review.

Thank You.

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