How To Do Mobility Exercises?

The power to proceed without hesitation.
What happens if we start lifting weights or other functional and bodyweight movements directly without activating the body?
Well, the answer is very simple, do you go to the office after getting out of the bed without freshening up? No, isn’t it right?
The same thing for our body, we have to activate the muscles and joints so you can move your body easily and freely.

There are many types of mobility exercises are there, this is basic and also you can develop more by practicing it every day to stay healthy.

Martial Artist Trainer explains for beginners in detail-oriented about mobility exercises, why should we start the day with mobility training before getting involved into punch pad drills or punch bag drills because the more you activate the body, the more energy it flows.

Sometimes We don’t much have time to work out because of a busy schedule or work pressure. well, we can also do it at our office Just for a few minutes.
You can ask me which are the exercises to do?
Do some Neck/Wrist/Ankle exercise for few seconds it helps you to stay in the active state. Some times You may feel anxious in your arms. well everyone has experienced it. This is not only for the person who works all day in front of a computer or laptop, this is the remedy to everybody.

The Benefits Of Mobility Exercises/Training

  • This is actually low-intensity training need not worry about it.
  • It helps to restore the lost function.
  • Experts recommend adding mobility training with a regular routine to stay
  • This improves flexibility as well as to stay a longer period of time
  • Especially for athletes, this will be the backup Power/energy for other physical activity as reviewed by the athletes.
  • If the body joint is strong then all the parts of the body will be stronger.
  • It also helps to strengthen ligaments.

The best time to do mobility exercises/training is morning because it makes us stay active the whole day and stay focused. This is the main reason, some people will do only mobility training instead of doing some heavy workout, just they activate the body and the body remains active for the entire day and some other people will start the day with mobility and ends up with heavy workouts, that’s another way to stay more active.

How To Start Mobility Exercises?

Well, please follow these steps one by one
right from Head To Toe
Neck Rotations
lateral/side flexion and other variations
Don’t worry I have attached my YouTube video link so you can watch it slowly and start.

The activation key is very important to increase the performance ratio. It means, first we need to activate the joints and muscles before picking up the heavy bells. There are several joints to rotate into the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

We have another option after completing the basic module of the mobility exercises. That is, all the basic mobility movements we can also do with 2 kg dumbbells. So that it helps the joint to be in an active state.

If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to message us. We will upload part 2 mobility exercises ASAP.

Thank You.

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