How To Activate Your Body 8 Simple Exercises

The light activation exercises to our body can help us to remain active all day long and also matters nutrition and I usually have some fruits in the morning which are not cold and to know more on “How To Activate Your Body 8 Simple Exercises” please go through below and I have tried to explain it shortly.

Sometimes, I will have a cup of coffee and start some exercises (without equipment). All we need is to focus for a few minutes a day to work on our bodies to stay good.

How To Activate Your Body 8 Simple Exercises

Basic mobility exercises are good for our body and morning stretch workouts can also help to stay fit & these are some of the best ways to activate our body and which I regularly do and also I suggest to my clients as well.

Here, breathing is very important, breath in from the nose and breath out from the mouth.

1) Neck Exercises

a) Up and Down
b) Sideways
c) Rotate Clockwise and Anti-clockwise

2) Arm Exercises

a) Circling the both arm
b) Kickback
c) Widening the arm and circling it

3) Finger Exercises

a) Thumb circles
b) Thumb extesion and flexion
c) Finger webbing
d) Finger grab

Here are some of the other exercises which also help to the fingers.

4) Wrist exercises

a) Wrist extension and flexion
b) Radial and ulna
c) Wrist sideways
d) Wrist flip flop
e) Wrist rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise

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5) Arms

a) Shrugs
b) Arm rotate (both)
c) Arm kickback
d) Open wide to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise

6) Circles

a) Upper body circle
b) Upper Body Pendulum move
c) Hip circles
d) Hip shift

7) Lower body

a) Leg raises
b) Lateral Leg Swings Front
c) Lateral Leg Swings Back
d) Leg circles

8) Ankle exercises

a) Ankle Extension and flexion
b) Ankle Low lateral move
c) Ankle up lateral move
d) Ankle circles
e) Ankle Twist

All exercises in one video,

Muscle Activation Techniques or MAT

MAT helps to reduce pain slowly by doing some of the movements in which the muscle is in the condition of nonaction. All the athletes should have some knowledge on MAT, if not then reach your fitness trainer.

Joint Activation Exercises

This is nothing but mobility exercises, watch the above video to get full knowledge on joint activation exercises, and there many other mobility exercises which we can also include.

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Disclosure: Some of these are my personal experience and client's result. If you have any issues in the knee, please consult a physiotherapist. I have suggested and this is not advice. Thank You

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