Home Remedies You Should Know

It’s a practice from ancient times but not from today, and as per the research, there is no exact date and time on when the home remedies started. We know what our parents do when we’re in ill or muscle tear or cough and others.

You might have read some information about home remedies but instead of searching in google better to ask elder at home. They explain the benefits of it.

Home Remedies You Should Know

Here are some of the natural remedies and simple home remedies. Many people call this homemade medicine.

1) Ginger

Everyone knows about ginger and its benefits. Once I finished my workouts and I felt something anxious in my muscle then I sensed muscle might have torn then I took a small piece of ginger early morning on an empty stomach for 2 days. Then I felt better. It also helps to reduce inflammation.

2) Turmeric

We usually add to our regular food but it works as a medicine too, it helps to stop blood flowing when skin tears. It works as a natural treatment. This is the best home treatment as per our ancestors.

3) Home Remedies For Gastric

Bhumyamalaki churna (Phyllanthus Niruri) is good for gastric. Just by having less than a teaspoon with water, half an hour before food for 2-3 days then you can see the results.

4) Garlic

2 Galic cloves with honey may help to reduce weight if taken for some weeks as directed by the expert.

Did you know about the Garlic secret?

Well, apart from adding to the food,

If a person’s private part has a fishy smell (urine problem) or UTI related problems then can try this,
1. Take 2 cloves of garlic and put them into the innerwear before going to sleep.
2. 4 days would be enough.
3. Garlic kills the bad bacteria.

In this COVID situation, if I want to go to the gym, I had 2 cloves of Garlic before going to the gym because it also kills bad bacteria incoming from outside.

5) Til Oil

We may use til oil for pooja but soaking it to the particular part of our body (like bone crack or swelling) for some hour may help to decrease pain and inflammation and strengthens bone.

6) Organic tea

This is the best, instead of having which is not healthy to our body.
This may include black pepper, Tulasi leaf, lemon, Jaggery, pippali, ginger, neem.

7) Tulasi Fanta

Just boil a bowl of water and add some Tulasi leaf with it. This is one of the immunity booster drinks.

8) Ashwagandha

Most of the people who like to have ashwagandha tablet for them ashwagandha lehi is good.
Just have a spoon of Ashwagandha Lehi with a cup of milk every day for a week and see the results.

These are many health home remedies which we don’t know till now and only a few percentages of the people who practice all medicinal remedies at home anyone can try these health remedies at home

Home remedies for anything like herbal home remedies, home remedies for cough, or home remedies for illness and others, will be useful if kept at home for an emergency.

Nowadays people look for natural healing remedies which we can easily find at home but we should know which thing is helpful for what.

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Disclosure: Love to share my personal experience.

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