Health News: Take Care

How could we forget to eat, sleep, mental health, work, and so on? Too much of having food may bounce back, less food may hit back to the energy. Soo much confusion, what to have and what not to have and which is good for health and which is not? is veg food is good or non-veg?

Some say eating non-veg for more strength. Well, I would like to ask you that eating non-veg like chicken, mutton, fish is healthy for the human body means what do sheep eat every day to become so strong. Maybe grass or some kind of processed food isn’t right.

If the non-veg has more strength than veg, then what would have those we’re having every day when alive? It’s all about our thinking, every food has its own protein, vitamin, calcium whether it might be in veg or non-veg, just some people who unnecessarily differentiate veg and nonveg for their own cause.

Health News: Take Care

In this world, there are veg lovers as well as non-veg lovers and how can we force them to eat which is against their like? it is up to them to maintain their health by having what they love.

Mental Health

In the current situation, we all compare one another to meet the height of standard might be on social media or general friends meetings but we fail at the beginning of the top.

Protecting ourselves is the first step to understanding the concept of life. Some may wait for the opportunity to make someone down by their appearance. If we all have the capacity to understand our situation then it is easy to understand others’ situations. Controlling the ego is the best option to balance our mental health.


In general, some people think, the person who looks grand physique might have good nutrition every day, and if the person has lean muscle having nothing. It may be 50% accurate but not 100%. Everyone’s food has vitamins and proteins and some may have more and some may have less. We all need to understand one’s problem instead of insulting it.


8 hours of sleep a day is good as per the research, plus or minus sometimes. If we miss sleep, we may face many problems like gastric, stomach upset, giddiness, tension, and so on. Some people will have buttermilk before going to bed.

Quarreling with others for no reason or small reason may irritate the entire day, better trying to ignore is only the option to keep the mind peace.


Sitting in one place thinking nothing may be impossible to do this task, we all can do is imagining something in the dark.


Fine-tuning the thoughts may be helpful for the upcoming moments of life. Toning the body as well as mind can help to boost our health. So, instead of thinking always to implement after passing the time better to use for at least a few minutes by mediating/exercise/reading books or eBooks.

We might have watched 100’s of videos that are based on health and fitness and calculating from where to start. The basics seem easy, and they are difficult to understand to concept of health and fitness. In the beginning, the process starts a bit late but what we think is, not growing and certainly, we pitch to end it.

I always take care of myself and I hope you too.

Disclosure: Love to share my personal experience.

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