Have You Ever Sensed The Pain In Your Wrists While Typing?

Once I had asked my colleague, “Have You Ever Sensed The Pain In Your Wrists While Typing?” He said Yes, not only in the wrists but also in the fingers. Why because I also experienced the same problem.

Hi, this is Raghava Rajaguru here. I have been in the same industry which you’re at right now. I have experienced some pain in my wrists and fingers while typing.

Sometimes I keep on creating the new concepts by sitting in front of the computer and the word flows without break for a longer time and I sense some pain in my fingers and wrists, I hope that you might also have sensed the same as I felt. All-day long I work on my computer and many of you may work from a laptop but the internal pain is the same for all of us.

I might have been in the fitness field for some years but I can’t go ahead and explain what physiotherapist examine but I have found a solution, which I can get the same remedy from the physiotherapist.

Some years back I used to get up at 7 am and used to start my work by 9 am and in the meantime, I used to waste some hours by scrolling social media accounts.
When I felt the issues in my wrists and fingers, then I started to do a few movements that helped me to get rid of the pain.

While I had sensed the pain exactly in between the fingers and the wrists area, then I did these exercises just for 3 days and I couldn’t sense the pain again.
So, I continued these exercises, which took only five minutes every day and it became my routine. I would love to share these exercises which may help you or you can share this with someone who knows you.

Fingers And Wrists Exercises

  1. Place your 2 fingers on the table (Index and Middle) and start webbing it. (Like, scissors action) Do it to all your fingers.
  2. Web your fingers out and place a soft object in your palm. now start crushing it and release. So the tension creates while crushing and it strengthens your fingers and wrist. You can feel by sensing from another hand by touching the wrist.
  3. Hold your hand in front of you, (palm should face downwards and knuckle should face upwards) slowly touch right hand’s bottoms of the little finger from the right hand’s thumb finger and keep repeating it for 15 times. You can also do it with all of your fingers to whichever the direction it flows.
  4. Rest your both hands, on the chairs hand resting place, and leave down your wrists so that you can lift up your wrists from the same position and back to the resting position. You can do it 15 times or more for better wrist condition.
  5. The same process as I mentioned above (from Rest – Place) and make it stiff (palm should face downwards and knuckle should face upwards). Now, make that upside-down means palm should turn towards upside and knuckle should face downside. Repeat it for 14-15 times.
  6. The same process as I mentioned above (from Rest – Place) and make it stiff (Both the palm should face towards another palm, (inside) and both the knuckle should face outside). Now, start doing wrist up and down, which is radial and ulna. Repeat it for more than 16 times.
  7. Place your both hands on the chair’s hand resting place and make it stiff (palm should face downwards and knuckle should face upwards). Here, move your wrists from left to right side for at least 14 times.
  8. Keep your hands in front of you and hold the soft object inside the fist, start rotating it, clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

I hope this will take approximately 5 minutes.

You can check it out here for next level finger strengthening.

You can also try this at home which I have shared on youtube. This is very effective for your wrist.

This is the activation technique for the fingers and wrists.

We can also activate the arms by just doing a few stretches.

  1. Rotate your arms from front to back.
  2. Swing your arms laterally.

Some time ago, my friends used to call me lazy but now they became lazy. I changed my routine and every day becoming stronger. It doesn’t mean that I wanna look like Baahubali or Bruce Lee, I just want to be me. That’s all.

Thank You.

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  1. Well in yoga i also did these wrist and arm moves.really helpfull.ot will be Good if in next blog u add images of position of arm movements.


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