GGG Wrist Exercise With Kettlebell: Iron Fist

GGG Wrist Exercise With Kettlebell: Iron Fist.
This is not only for my client but also for everybody. We all are inspired by one or the other athlete to get involved in fitness. The majority of the “Hardcore Workouts” are performed not only by the famous athlete but also by the Workout Freaks. When we watch something creative workouts definitely we will be amazed by that person and we save/download their posts or videos to learn it.

Wrist Exercises Kettlebell

Almost all the boxers will do a variety of wrist exercises to increase their punching power and strengthen their wrist (Iron Fist), Especially knuckle push-ups and wrist push-ups they do if for at least 100 a day of-course they are professionals they have to do it.

Well, if we want to do in the same way then we must start with simple wrist exercises. After completing the basic wrist strengthening exercises for few sets then the next step is with 2kg dumbbells with proper & related variations like extension and flexion/radial & ulna etc… after completing all the wrist exercises with dumbbells then you step into the next level.

GGG Wrist Exercise With Kettlebell: Iron Fist

The famous GGG Wrist Exercise With Kettlebell: Iron Fist. (which I have performed and uploaded on YouTube) inspired by GGG Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin Middle Weight Boxing Champion. I usually do this at least once a week for 2 sets (6 reps) with 16Kg Kettlebell, just to strengthen my wrist and to stay healthy and positive.

GGG Kettlebell

Well, place the kettlebell (sideways) on the mat and sit in front of it, hold one side of the kettlebell horns and shift from one end to another and repeat it for at least 5-6 reps every week. If you’re a professional Martial Artist or Beginner definitely it helps to punch better and it’s safe to do it (injury prevention) (You can add this in your regular workout routine). We can also do different wrist exercises with a kettlebell but this is the first step.

Golovkin Training Routine

GGG training routine inspired me to do and not to that extent. When I started boxing, I thought punching itself is boxing. Then I realized slowly that, there are many exercises to do before doing punching bag or sparring. Some of the exercises I tried by watching the GGG training routine.

GGG Weight Training

He is different than any boxer of his weight category. I have discussed with my boxing friends
about GGG weight training and his nutrition aspect. You can also try some of his workouts for better results.

GGG Forearm Exercise

I was doing forearm exercise only with dumbbells then the secret I came to know about using the kettlebell for wrist exercise which is of double strength. That’s why he has got the awesome punching power.

The above statement which I have mentioned is all by my personal experience and client review.
They tried and got good results, if you want to try it then please go ahead and watch the YouTube video I have attached the link. if possible I will try to post my client review video on YouTube.

I repeat again, before doing this exercise I highly recommend you do some of the basic exercises first and try this, and I guess this will be the best exercise to increase punching power.

Kettlebell Wrist Workout

I started many exercises for wrist exercises from GGG, now I include some of the kettlebell wrist workouts in my workout routine. Just have a look at my video.

Well, if we see the smile on our client’s faces after the workout session that means they believe in us and the session was awesome.
Apart from the regular workouts they wanted to try something new which makes them more strong. Nowadays we can watch and learn some simple and fun exercises instantly but when it
comes to High intensity and with accessories like kettlebell we need basic training from the trainer because the move in which the starter flows won’t be smooth and proper.
get the right knowledge. That’s it

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