Exercises For Knee Pain and ACL Rehab | Home Remedies

Hey there!! My wonderful suggestion for all athletes, try landing softly (use suspension activity) because it hurts badly to our knee and may go for surgery “Exercises For Knee Pain, ACL Rehab, Home Remedies“.

For Example – Just think about a vehicle, it also has a suspension why because all the load should not divert to one end and if it targets one particular end then it leads to severe damage, it would be better if we implement the same technique in athletics activities.

Exercises For Knee Pain and ACL Rehab | Home Remedies

BulletProof Knee Exercises

I tried with the kettlebell and there is no need to hold weights.


ACL means anterior cruciate ligament, the ligament which is in between femur and tibia bone which reacts in every direction. The ligament is torn not only while on sports activities some times land on a hard surface.

Knee Pain Exercises

Some of the knee exercises can help to restore the lost activity and these are in theoretical explanation. I suggest the best medicine for knee pain is to take rest and think about how to reduce knee pain. The knee pain treatment can also be in a form of physio or knee pain relief exercises.

If you’re looking for ACL rehab exercises, the first and foremost is to do finger massage or sports massage.

ACL Rehab Exercises

Do not let the knee ligament tear while involving in sports, do mobility exercises and this helps to activate the ligament and once the ligament is torn, (ACL reconstruction) may take up to 9 months to 13 months.

Most sports person quit their sports activity before completing the task because the knee pain won’t support jump the life hurdles and they end up saying I have some other work.

1) Resisted Knee Extension On The Bench

Now, let’s focus on the isolated quad strength when standing and it is similar to Terminal Knee Extension. This move might sometimes make it relax to sense the full quad modulation.

2) Iso Lunge, Soleus Raise

Place the (Right/Left) foot on the stepper board in an elevated lunge move and add ons is the soleus raise helps the calf muscle to the athletes. This is great for quad strength and constructing extensibility to the patellar tendon.

3) Landmine And A Half Squats

The landmine exercise is a chain of command and peaceful to the anterior part of the lower-body, anterior and posterior part of the upper body, and a way to get back to squatting. The one and a half move help you to build more force and power in the lower section of the squat.

4) Knee Flexion With Resistance Band

Sit on a bench by keeping both the legs straight, and tie around with a resistance band and start pulling the leg slowly as the leg slides back by the heel.

5) Quad Sets

Sit by keeping the leg straight and place a tennis ball on the exact back of the knee cap means popliteus tendon, and place the heel on the bench without touching the calf muscle on the bench. You can see the bridge shape in a side view.

Here, just lift the heel towards up with the support of the ball by (pressuring it) and tightens the thigh muscle and anyone can do this a couple of times every day as per the instructions given by the therapist.

6) Eccentric Pistol Squat

With the support of the chair and standing up by one leg slowly can relieve the stress in the ACL

7) Foot Slide

Stand in one place, let the one leg slide in a lateral direction, so that the other can do a half-squat move.

Bad Experience

Some people in the gym use only stepper board exercises every day and if we share knowledge about knee precautions they’re not a receiving mindset people and I did this mistake at the gym.

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Case Study

Some athletes like, footballers/runners/others might train lower body every day and they have adjusted to their workout routine and proper instructions by coaches/trainers but new athletes having less information about prehab exercises and they have to include in their warm-ups and they’re least bother about mobility, stability and directly jump into strength routine, but understand if you want to communicate in the English language then the first step is to learn alphabets.

What they show on the Tv might be interesting and looks easy. If we want to perform as they do, first we need to understand the game strategy.

Attention Parents

Usually, parents of the kids send them to the athletic games but they don’t even realize that kids need some mobility exercises before getting started into the athletic workout.

Keep An Eye On Your Kids

Sometimes while playing, kids may fall down on a rough surface and the kid may hide the skin out from the parent because of scares, and in the future, they may not be allowed to play in sports activities. Be friendly and avoid leading to surgery.

That’s why heel the pain at the initial stage. Kids are so sensitive allow them to involve in sports activities.

The Trick To Land Safely After A Jump

The suspension technique, just like how you sit on a chair the same way while landing after a jump, makes sure to land softly on a toe and the ending position should be like sitting on a chair and this is hip strategy.

Another example to mobilize your knee, step up your one leg on a bench and circle the knee by pressuring the foot, it helps to mobilize the hip flexor and knee.

Double jump forward by one leg and keeping another leg up by bending, here the bodyweight balances on a foot and stabilizes the ankle.

Injury Free Strategy While Jumping To Landing.

The acceleration to jump higher by an effective technique and the generated force divides to the entire body to travel in the air with the support of extensors like hip and knee (and most commonly we land on straight knees) but while declaration uses strategical suspension to stress relieve for ACL, meniscus, bone.

To reduce stress and to keep our ligaments safe while jumping opposite to gravity make sure to neutralize the spine by balancing through glute muscle and activates the posterior chain when landing just like how we are about to sit on a chair. The patellar tendon balances the force to an Injury-free strategy while jumping to landing.

While landing you land on all 4 four-foot sides and I suggest you do some of the foot balance exercises and bulletproof knee exercises before this movement.

Knee Pain Remedy

Well, the simple name I would like to take is to do yoga and tai chi. Some of the above exercises you can do at home without equipment and some are with equipment and you can use any alternate of that.

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