Does The Gym Relieve Your Stress? Raise Your Hands If You Agree

The No.1 stress burster is workouts and another is meditation. As of now, we have to get involved in workouts and I guess everything getting back to the normal routine slowly. It’s been a month of touching the gym equipment though I work from home and missing the favorite moves and training,

We all were scared of this pandemic situation and how it was spreading rapidly and we never thought of this in our dreams. We learned many things in lockdown by researching new information on how our ancient people maintained hygiene.

Does The Gym Relieve Your Stress? Raise Your Hands If You Agree.

Yes, sometimes, I feel lazy if I don’t lift and fixed timings for workouts but the days which we have all passed was unforgettable loss including our health. The process of health is steps and precious. Once if we lose the grip, we may miss.

Without Lifting I Won’t Sleep

I have some gym accessories at home but it won’t make satisfying workouts and I won’t get even a workout pain at all. Some people are so lucky that they have installed the gym accessories before lockdown and how about the people who don’t have?

I can only relieve my stress by doing some workouts at the gym because it makes some kind of challenge in workouts by adding new sets and increasing reps. I hope everybody will be back on set within a short period of time.

Hectic Office Work

I don’t know how I did work for more than 12 hours in a day without going out and no off and this is a work challenge. Some days ago, I called a few of my friends, who are near to my home regarding fitness workouts at my house terrace. His hectic office work made him ignore all the calls.

The Gyms Are Like Battery Charger

The gym’s workouts are really important to get energized every day and it’s a charger to our life and I don’t know about others but I feel this personally and if you agree with this, don’t forget to hit a comment.

Missing The Gym Trainers

It’s been so many days of talking to the gym trainer face to face. We all pray to God to let the COVID19 situation down in the entire world ASAP so that all the businesses can be rebuilt.

I usually lift the weight and throw the weight in the air but now no time for both, Something is stoping to the flipside. To rebuild and reshape, the workout is the only option that is now paused.

As of now no functional training or kettlebell and less interest because of lockdown and how about you? Are you feeling the same pain that I’m feeling right now? Lethargic occupied me for not getting out of the laptop screen and I think I have forgotten some workouts and need to recall it to get back as a phoenix.

I don’t even get up early as I was waking up early before lockdown and I think changing that routine to normal is a bit difficult and finally, laziness ruled.

I hope this lockdown should not repeat again and please make sure to take the vaccine and I got vaccinated a week back and here is the image.

I’m waiting for the government orders to reopen the gyms so that I can shape my body as well as kettlebell throws. I hope you also missed my kettlebell juggling skills. Soon I’ll be back on track and I wish you happy health.

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Disclosure: Love to share my personal experience.

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