Did You Know About Flipping The Kettlebell?


Did You Know About Flipping The Kettlebell? This is Russian Kettlebell Juggling Sport. You can make the kettlebell fly in the air for a few seconds with different elements for a single to multiple flips in a sequence.
The advantage of flipping the kettlebell is, it gives more strength to the entire body if it is done by a proper technique.

Some years back, when I saw the kettlebell in the gym it was placed freely even I used to hesitate to workout with it but now I’m very much interested in doing kettlebell exercises. I was not interested till 2019 march. Kettlebell Juggling made me workout every day.

You Can Ask Me What Happened In March?

I saw one person doing kettlebell juggling in a 16kg competition kettlebell on Instagram. That was the very first time and I was surprised that I saw kettlebell juggling. Then I thought of involving in the kettlebell exercise. In September 2019 I started flipping the kettlebell,
It took some months to understand the kettlebell juggling formula and later I started doing double flips. you can also check the basic flip names here.
Till now, I haven’t stopped kettlebell juggling and I just wanted this sport to make famous in our place. Bangalore (India) and let’s see how good I can do.

Kettlebell Juggling Practice Session

Before I start juggling I set up a tripod in a proper view to record on my mobile. I usually juggle in the playground near to my house. Some athletes came to me and enquired about kettlebell jugging and once the other athlete asked me, “Are you practicing these kinds of stunts to play a role in the James bond 007 movies”?
I said No and I appreciate his words because kettlebell juggling looks like a stunt in his view. LOL

This means a lot to me, whenever I entered to fitness arena the trainers used to say “you’re supposed to practice juggling why you came here”. again lol.
This is how kettlebell juggling sport becoming famous by the person who encourages others to start it.

What Is The Use Of Flipping The Kettlebell?

To be honest, it’s a unique sport. I never thought of building strength by kettlebell juggling but it automatically worked on my body. That’s kettlebell Juggling.
Nowadays, we look for fun activities like challenge games or fun games to enjoy with friends at the weekend and we don’t like to stay in the gym to maintain our fitness all the time because we need to change at the weekend to relax and neutralize our stress (Work Pressure).

Then I decided to carry my kettlebell where ever I go, so I can do some juggling and which builds strength while juggling the kettlebell.
At home, I do summing exercises and on the playground, I do juggling. (Not good to do kettlebell juggling at home because we have to think about the floor). If it drops.

How To Acquire Kettlebell Juggling Skills?

No.1 – Be patient

No.2 – Focus

No.3 – Practice

No.4 – Acquiring skills

No.5 – Results

I visited many gyms in our local place and I have found only one fitness gym where I can get different weights of competition kettlebell but the last option I could see the weight is 18kg and then I decided to buy 32 kg competition kettlebell for my personal. I think that’s better to have one at home.

We can juggle with a tennis ball easily (it also requires some time) and if we want to kettlebell juggling to be as easy as juggling with a tennis ball then we need to learn basic skills.

Q & A

Q) How much time is required to increase hand-eye coordination?
A) Well, hand-eye coordination starts from the day you start.

Q) Does size matter to do kettlebell juggling?
A) Not at all, it all depends on how accurately we use the techniques to flip it.

Q) Is there any age limit to start kettlebell juggling?
A) Even kids & uncles can do it with less weight.

Q) Is kettlebell Juggling good for women?
A) Of course, women love it.

Q) How cool is this?
A) I don’t have other words to replace the name cool.

What are your secret exercises before kettlebell juggling?

It’s Mobility Exercises.

Kettlebell Juggling In Bangalore By Raghava Rajaguru

I always recommend competition kettlebell to do exercise or juggling because it has a grip to workout for a longer time. Just watch this video.

The Most Common Question is ‘Did Kettlebell Land On Your Leg While Juggling?’

Haha LOL, yes it was landed but not directly, it pitched on the ground and my feet were not quick at that time when it landed. I took a few minutes break till the pain decreased. So, I agree with that.

My 3 Strategies


How To Build Strength?

Well, if you ask me how to build strength for kettlebell juggling then I would suggest a kettlebell snatch with a 16kg kettlebell after warm-up, and my other way to build strength is Turkish GetUp. Fast snatches with 16kg kettlebell are the best to flow faster with good hand-eye coordination.

My Workout Plan & Diet

I’m a vegan, love to have a glass of ragi malt every day before getting started. I do short cycle swings with 16 kg kettlebell alternate day and snatches. I love to have kiwi fruit and banana before meals. These are good for me and I am not looking for bulk advice from anyone. I love the way I am. Apart from gym workouts, kettlebell juggling/exercises are entirely different from the regular workouts which we do.

My Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Strength training can be in any manner, with equipment or without equipment. I usually activate my body by doing some conditioning exercises with a 16kg kettlebell for juggling. Fig 8/reverse fig 8/bottoms uphold/snatch hold and goblet squat is the basic and the best conditioning for me and also helps to increase the cardio level.

Whenever I see my kettlebell at home, I plan for the new move. At first, I thought of gaining more knowledge on kettlebell exercises, and suddenly juggling made me astounded to start immediately.
A couple of people questioned me “you mentioned that you’re juggling in 16 kg kettlebell but it looks like 2 or 3 kg”. That’s a good and funny question.

The Best Gift In Life Is Mind Power.

I started kettlebell juggling without having the basic knowledge of it and by just watching their moves. It was tough because I didn’t know whom to approach for help. One day a Russian man taught me many elements and I started learning it and slowly I understood the concept of Russian Kettlebell Juggling Sport.

To flip a 16kg kettlebell was a bit hard for me because I was weighing around 54kg but still I tried and never gave up.

This was my last year story.

Kettlebell Juggling Online Training

Many people from different social media asked me to give them online training on lockdown time but nobody had a kettlebell in their home and now slowly it’s unlocking. Hope everybody is back to workouts. I guess this is the right time for those who are interested to learn basic skills in juggling.

How Can We Learn?

Yes, here is the opportunity to learn anywhere in the world through WhatsApp training at lesser than what we spend on wasting the cake at a birthday party.

If you learn the basics then you can master multiple flips.

Click here to start your kettlebell juggling journey.

Some People On My Social media asked Me

This Passion Is Important To Me

As I told you before I started with no idea and now I graced up. Here, the important note is “All negative makes positive”.

Everyday We Need To Progress

One boring workout can make the entire fitness routine down but in kettlebell juggling every day it’s up because interesting things can’t forget easily.

Bangalore Kettlebell Juggler

I never thought that I would do juggling with a 16kg kettlebell because it was too heavy for me. I decided to keep practicing every day until I do multiple flips with different elements. Now, it has become more difficult than the beginning because I’m trying all doubles in a sequence including over the shoulder flips to helicopter mill.

Many people told me to keep trying until it is done properly and I really thank my friend who is an SCA certified trainer, who always supports me for doing this. He also offered me to take a class (Basic Kettlebell Juggling) where he works as a trainer (Bangalore, Vijayanagar).

Well, you can go through google to know more about kettlebell and what is competition kettlebell also. I don’t want to explain everything because the competition kettlebell comes under yellow color means 16kg Kettlebell (International Standards).

Hello Fitness Freaks, have you ever heard the name ‘Weight Is In The Air’? Now, The gyms are open, thinking about how to creatively engage with your workouts. Well, you can add this to your regular workouts as well. Many people are interested in learning kettlebell juggling but they don’t know how to start it. Well, I have a solution for that, let me share you in detail below-


I am Raghava Rajaguru, experienced in kettlebell juggling for nearly a year, and believe it or not, I weigh just 55 kg and I can flip the 16kg kettlebell so easily with proper techniques.
It doesn’t matter how our body is, whether we’re bulky or skinny. The matter is a technique.
I have completed the kettlebell course from ekfa in 2018 and I started learning kettlebell juggling in 2019.

Want To Know What These Skills Are & How To Start?

I welcome you to the Russian Kettlebell Juggling Sport – from kids to granddads love it.

I know that kettlebell juggling is new to many of you and now many fitness freaks and fitness trainers are showing interest in this because it is one of the ways to build strength and moreover its awesome & many fitness enthusiasts say that this will be the next best thing in the fitness industry.

I never thought of training offline or online but some people asked me to train at least basic movements and I trained them offline as well as online. A few gym owners/ friends & others repeatedly asking me to train Basic Kettlebell Juggling. So then I decided to train them through WhatsApp.

If I train them directly, I would definitely charge 1500/- but a couple of months back the city started unlocking slowly, for this purpose I’m giving this program for less than what you would spend on a Protein Powder.

I bet, you can learn in 1 day and I hope it won’t take 5 days. The good news is I will be providing you all recorded videos with a clean explaination.

Click “Get It Now” For Instant Learning

You Love It

Here Is Where I Train Kettlebell Juggling

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