Did You Know About Flipping The Kettlebell?


Did You Know About Flipping The Kettlebell? This is Russian Kettlebell Juggling Sport. You can make the kettlebell fly in the air for a few seconds with different elements for a single to multiple flips in a sequence.
The advantage of flipping the kettlebell is, it gives more strength to the entire body if it is done by a proper technique.


Some years back, when I saw the kettlebell in the gym it was placed freely even I used to hesitate to workout with it but now I’m very much interested in doing kettlebell exercises. I was not interested till 2019 march. Kettlebell Juggling made me workout every day.

You Can Ask Me What Happened In March?

I saw one person doing kettlebell juggling in 16kg competition kettlebell on Instagram. That was the very first time and I was surprised that I saw kettlebell juggling. Then I thought of involving in kettlebell exercise. In September 2019 I started flipping the kettlebell,
It took some months to understand the kettlebell juggling formula and later I started doing double flips. you can also check the basic flip names here.
Till now, I haven’t stopped kettlebell juggling and I just wanted this sport to make famous in our place. Bangalore (India) and let’s see how good I can do.

Kettlebell Juggling Practice Session

Before I start juggling I set up a tripod in a proper view to record on my mobile. I usually juggle in the playground near to my house. Some athletes came to me and enquired about kettlebell jugging and once the other athlete asked me, “Are you practicing these kinds of stunts to play a role in the James bond 007 movies”?
I said No and I appreciate his words because kettlebell juggling looks like a stunt in his view. LOL

This means a lot to me, whenever I entered to fitness arena the trainers used to say “you’re supposed to practice juggling why you came here”. again lol.
This is how kettlebell juggling sport becoming famous by the person who encourages others to start it.

What Is The Use Of Flipping The Kettlebell?

To be honest, its FUN. because I never thought of building strength by kettlebell juggling but it automatically worked on my body. That’s kettlebell Juggling.
Nowadays, we look for fun activities like challenge games or fun games to enjoy with friends at the weekend and we don’t like to stay in the gym to maintain our fitness all the time because we need to change at the weekend to relax and neutral our stress (Work Pressure).

Then I decided to carry my kettlebell where ever I go, so I can do some juggling and which builds strength while juggling the kettlebell.
At home, I do summing exercise and on the playground, I do juggling. (Not good to do kettlebell juggling at home because we have to think about the floor). If it drops.

How To Acquire Kettlebell Juggling Skills?


Be patient






Acquiring skills



This is what you can learn in my 5 day WhatsApp training.

I visited many gyms in our local place and I have found only one fitness gym where I can get different weights of competition kettlebell but the last option I could see the weight is 18kg and then I decided to buy 32 kg competition kettlebell for my personal. I think that’s better to have one at home.

We can juggle with a tennis ball easily (it also requires some time) and if we want to kettlebell juggling to be as easy as juggling with a tennis ball then we need to learn basic skills.


  • How much time is required to increase hand-eye coordination?
  • Does size matter to do kettlebell juggling?
  • Is there any age limit to start kettlebell juggling?
  • Is kettlebell Juggling good for women?
  • How cool is this?


  • Well, hand-eye coordination starts from the day you start.
  • Not at all, it’s all depends on how accurately we use the techniques to flip it.
  • Even kids & uncles can do it with less weight.
  • Of course, women love it.
  • I don’t have other words to replace the name cool.

What are your secret exercises before kettlebell juggling?

How Can We Learn?

Yes, here is the opportunity to learn anywhere in the world through WhatsApp training at lesser than what we spend on wasting the cake at a birthday party.


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