How To Reduce Swelling | 2 Advantages

How to reduce swelling

An injury can happen while performing some activities in any sport that may cause swelling/bruised/skin out. If it’s skin out then apply turmeric and if it swells then try icing and now let us know in detail about How To Reduce Swelling | 2 Advantages. A long way back, people used to take bath at … Read more

18 Best Boxing Equipment | India

18 Best Boxing Equipment To Have At Home Gym

Age is just a number, anyone can have this at home or in the gym to practice it. Here, there are “18 Best Boxing Equipment | India” you can get some of these for your personal use (or Gym). Some accessories and equipment we can have for our own at home because it is a … Read more

How To Spin A Kettlebell (Kettlebell Juggling)

how to spin a kettlebell

The two difference between in kettlebell juggling is Flip & Spin The Kettlebell handle pushing away toward the front is flip and the kettlebell handle pushing sideways is spin. What Are The Types Of Spin In Kettlebell Juggling? Helicopter Spin Mug Spin 1. Helicopter Spin Spinning the kettlebell in a flat shape to sideways is … Read more