Art of Kettlebell Juggling

The throw is simple but it depends on the weight of the object as the same juggling depends on weight and spinning or flipping in the air. It all comes under technique and practice. The mainstream is patience in kettlebell juggling, When it drops before catching nothing but losing eye contact and hand coordination, and as per my experience and expert experience is better to learn from the ball later choose kettlebell.

Art of Kettlebell Juggling

Kettlebell juggling art is from Russians. They practice regularly for the tournament/championship and for public awareness.

Blind Kettlebell Juggling

Damn difficult is blind kettlebell juggling, if we assume spinning the kettlebell without seeing it definitely it may fall on our head. But how do they do? Some of the Russian Kettlebell Jugglers do Blind kettlebell juggling on the streets and at events. All we need to do is practice.

We might have watched 36 chambers of Shaolin movie, in that movie they have shown how to be patient to learn a skill and also remember, Once Bruce Lee said “I am not afraid of 10k kick, I am afraid one who practiced one kick 10k times” hope you got my point. This is to construct and develop the skill.

We can do kettlebell juggling for fun but it develops functional strength. Every time when you flip or spin a kettlebell in the air you need to swing. If we use more power from the lower body then the kettlebell may reach more height and by using the thumb to flip faster with multiple rotations.

When a juggler uses 2 kettlebells to flip or spin then the juggler has great hand-eye coordination and that’s beyond expectation. Just imagine you’re juggling multiple balls weighing around 50grams and then just assume you’re juggling one kettlebell weighing around 10kg without any juggling experience or hand-eye coordination. What may be the next?

If you want to learn basic kettlebell juggling then first try to know how to handle the kettlebell instead of practicing some exercises. When we see some kettlebell jugglers flipping the kettlebell fastly with different variations looks attractive but when we pick a kettlebell and start to flip it, then we hesitate it because of lack of practice or lack of knowledge.

Pyramid and Reverse Pyramid Effect

When you love the work you will continue for some period of time, if the same work starts boring slowly you will ignore it. it’s just like the pyramid and reverse pyramid effect. If the artist starts developing more skills and combining them all together for better performance then the effect will flow continuously.

Well, never think about how to start just follow here, and welcome to the art of kettlebell juggling.

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Disclosure: Love to share my personal experience.

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