Am I Becoming Lazy? Oh No

I have to ask myself that am I giving more priority to my work or unwanted things and am I scratching my head unnecessarily for no reason the answer is I don’t know. When it comes to healthy food just nothing else than engaging the stomach without protein or vitamin content food.

Am I Becoming Lazy? Oh No

As per my point, the biggest enemy is laziness. without laziness can at least stay fit by doing small zone work. With laziness, I feel better in my comfort zone as it is safe but killing my mental health as well as body health.

How To Get Fit

First, I have to train my mind to focus on one and I plan for another. We usually train our bodies to look attractive to impress others but not-self.

Work Pressure

All I used to get busy in my professional work but not concentrate on my fitness and health. No diet no proper healthy food but whenever I have some time to scroll social media’s latest notification then I feel that I am becoming lazy.

The better is option is a healthy diet to stay fit and by doing some activities to stay fit and one common question asked by a friend of friends is can you stay fit just by eating healthy and I replied not only healthy food but also workouts, meditation, and others.

Some people look for the best celebrity fitness trainers to get out of laziness but the interest should be there and focus on what you do or I do and we drive our concentration on the best fitness celebrity but remember that celebrities also worked hard for the right shape.

As we know addiction procrastination and laziness and we have read in books or might be in social media but we hesitate to implement it in our daily life.

How To Avoid laziness

Well, there are many books and videos to get some motivation and inspiration and to ignore comfort zone. There might be some ayurvedic medicine for laziness but as per my experience is have stopped focusing on laziness but sometimes I fail to maintain my fitness.

The best way to avoid laziness and the best way to kill laziness is to fight every day with laziness. I tried and experimented the best way to overcome laziness is to engage with work and workouts and at a certain point, I fail in that, and in the future, I should not and this should be the example for everyone.

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Disclosure: Love to share my personal experience.

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