About Us

Hello and welcome to my wonderful website on health and fitness “About Us” page,

This is Raghava Rajaguru, Kettlebell & Functional Trainer.

I have been in kettlebell fitness (Exercises & Juggling) for the past 2 years. Trying to explore as much as I can and provide it for free to the athletes. Be in touch to know more about kettlebell exercises, cardio kickboxing, boxing, bodyweight training, and how it helps.

About Us

Please feel free to have a look at my experience.

Work Experience

I have experience in a different field.


I worked as an Ast. Dir at films some years and also I was a dialogue and screenplay writer.


I have 8 months of experience in Merittrac services in the dept. of QPD


I worked as a editor and content writer at news channels like KasthuriNewz24, Newsfirstkannada and currently working for web news avashya suddhi and nirikshitha suddi.


My favorite sport is boxing, I have started training in 2009 and left for some reason and again I started in 2012 and that was very alternative. In 2013 I had a good sparring partner and he became busy, as soon as we started. In 2014 another friend was ready but my wrist got injured and in 2015 I thought of being regular in combat sport but because of work pressure, workouts became rare. 2016 I started afresh boxing Techniques with a few of my other friends and it continued until a small incident in 2018.
Started kickboxing again in 2020 (lockdown time) and continuing. My favorite is cardio kickboxing.

Kettlebell Sport

I didn’t have any idea about Kettlebells, it was unfortunate that I entered the Kettlebell sport. In 2018 August I attended the L1 Kettlebell certification Workshop. Practiced some of the basic exercises and mastered them slowly.
I have been practicing many Kettlebell exercises and how it helps us to get right results.
In 2019, my interest decreased in Kettlebell sport till I watched juggling and those flips made me more curious about kettlebells, learned some of the elements with the help of Russian and American friends.
I didn’t have any vision to enter the fitness industry, my movement exploration triggered others to get trained by me. I also learned many exercises by attending the workshops and sharing the new move with others.
I also have some knowledge about rehab exercises, previously I had a client having popliteus tendonitis the exercise was so clear to the client and satisfied.
The one more client requirement was to become taller, the exercises which made him grow 2 inches taller in 2 months (12 class a month) I appreciated myself than the client. The result was successful.
The boy came to me to learn boxing and he likes the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather style. After learning some of the skills from me, he adopted some of the Floyd styles, and now he is good to go for club matches.

Athletic Program

I also train athletes as per their exact requirements and I work for their progress in their sport.

Digital Marketing

Well, I’m the founder and director of RR Digital Marketing.

I started my digital marketing career in 2015 as a freelance and then I was working every day to gain more knowledge by online programs and started as a blogger.

Every skill is a process of learning every day.

I kept my website name as RAWFIT because I love raw workouts and my name is Raghava and the dearest once say Rawghav. The meaning of RAWFIT is “Raghava Fitness”.

Feel free to contact me. if you have any doubt.


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