9 Best Exercises To Improve Grip Strength

Here I clearly stated ‘9 best exercises to Improve Grip Strength‘ By Holding The Kettlebell.

A small suggestion to improve grip strength before starting heavy exercises and you can also include it in your regular warm-ups. I used to do push-ups and pull-ups as warm and later I realized that warm-up exercises are different than these exercises.

I started to activate my entire body joints by doing mobility exercises and slowly getting down into kettlebell warm-up and heavy swings. In the warm-up, I used to add farmers’ walk by holding double 16kg kettlebell through fingers for 2 sets, then I experienced it.

I also do these exercises, lifting the kettlebell through fingers from a dead start and holding the kettlebell through fingers for a few seconds.

The challenging part of mine was to hold a 16 kg kettlebell by only one finger for at least 5-10sec long.
Once I did a push press by holding an 8kg kettlebell in my thumb and it was successful and very effective.

I also tried many ways to improve grip strength by kettlebell and I have mentioned some of the best techniques.

9 Best Exercises To Improve Grip Strength

1) Swinging The Kettlebell Through Fingers

It helps to strengthen, like Extensor Digitorum, Dorsal Interossei, Adductor Pollicis, Exor digitorum superficialis, Extensor Pollicis Brevis. This is the beginning of strengthening the muscles and if you have radial or ulna anxious pain, then this will be the remedy at the initial stage.

Swinging means, it doesn’t mean that you have to swing overhead. Just a movement is enough.

2) Farmers Walk

Just walk in a stretch way by holding kettlebells in both the hand fingers. Don’t stick to 2 sets, go for 4 sets for a greater gains.

3) Throwing The kettlebell.

If you throw a kettlebell from one place to a short distance through fingers then the strength circulates alternately. Here, the energy produces back to back. The gain is “a lot of reflexes”. How? at first you throw to a short distance and after repeating the same move the distance may vary.

4) Rowing The kettlebell

While rowing slightly and slowly the kettlebell through fingers, generates strength to the Extensor Carpi Ulnaris as well as Flexor Carpi Ulnaris.

5) Wrist Twist

Twisting your wrist left and right side (both arms) by holding the 12kg kettlebell through your fingers, helps to get ultimate grip strength. The tension creates in the fingers to un-hold after a few reps, but the more you twist, the more can be benefited.

6) Dead Start Lift

Lift the kettlebell from dead start to high pull with 8kg. It helps to strengthens metacarpal.

7) Alternate Catch Through Fingers

This exercise feels tighten in entire arms.

8) Sand Scrape

You don’t have to use any tool to scrape sand, just use all your fingers and scrape it in one palce. You can also do it at home in a small bowl.

Also can try this

9) Flipping The kettlebell.

This is for the expert level. I tried this exercise for an experiment base, then it gave good well. So I continued it and shared it with some of the clients and they’re benefiting from this.


You can also try these

Kettlebell Shoulder Press By Thumb

Stone’s Throw

Stone’s throw not only helps the fingers but also the entire upper body. (I have already mentioned in my previous posts regarding stone’s throw and finger strengthening exercises YouTube link and you can also check my previous posts).

Plate Hold

Dead hang is also one of the suggested elements by most of the trainers to improve grip strength.

Here, in a dead hang, we strengthen our fingers by holding upwards and in kettlebells, we strengthen our fingers by holding it downwards.
Both are useful exercises.

All these are my personal experience.

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