8 Explosive Kettlebell Exercises For Boxing

These are the surprising exercises to energize before getting into battle mode. The combat sport looks crazy but the prior conditioning is hell. Here, hell means workouts.


Fast snatches are the best to mobilize the force. The beginners can start 10*2 and can increase reps for great arm strength. This helps to improve fast punches by practicing with 16 kg KB.

Fig 8 to Uppercut

Without bending the upper body by just doing half squat and doing fig 8 can get great strength to the lower body and Fig8 to uppercut movement can improve the boxing movement like ducking to uppercut shot.

Punch Swing

This exercise is alternate of, which we do in the dumbbell (flexion and extension) but in a different way to strengthen the wrist.

High Pull To Push

Whenever we want to jab fast, this exercise can boost the hand speed because every time we pull and push with a 16kg Kettlebell by swinging it, this results in speed timings.

Dead Start Snatch

From the zero zones to overhead stay by using power from the lower body to the upper body can develop ultimate force to punch.

Step In and Out Swings

In boxing, one should have either foot speed or hand speed for that reason the cardio exercise with weights is a must to improve the cardio level to stay in the ring for 3 min and 5min for MMA. By doing this exercise can get benefitted.

Rack Shift

Every time you push upward to shift the Kettlebell from one hand to another hand rack position improves reaction time and loading the weight.

Rack Hold Guard

Holding 2 Kettlebell in a boxing guard position and making a defensive move like slipping ducking Bobbing can improve guard for Beginners at the initial stage.

What makes that mean to be consistent? Getting a specific outline is someway complicated. Indicating to the vocabulary, fitness means the condition or contention of staying fit. The description of fit is, vocalize personally and subjectively. If you examine that news in any form is questionable, you’re not individually.

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For me, health is primary and the best on knowing great abilities to run without discomfort, fluidity, and transition of workouts can feel insufficient shape to do the sets and reps and the lifestyle need to breathe. Can you perform among the group then you gotta nonvoid plains to separate anxiety? Hope that deserves the unplanned workouts.

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I always plan for something new so that I can deliver latest and powerful exercise to my clients which is their mainstream and not only to one particular set of athletes. This actually helps to all.

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Disclosure: Love to share my personal experience.

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