6 Simple And Fun Home Workout For Beginners

Hello there, welcome to RawFit. Today I’m gonna share with you 6 Simple And Fun Home Workout For Beginners and interesting facts about fitness on how our ancestors were doing and how we are practicing it.

Well, during this pandemic time, we might have tried many exercises at home to maintain our fitness.
We might not have observed it very deeply but everything is fitness. You can ask me how? I don’t wanna go in detail but let me share with you in short. Just scroll in your social media account. There, you may get to watch promoted posts about fitness on how to lose weight in 30 days and many other videos like cleaning the house or wiping the floor. In those videos, the trainer states that everything we do at home is fitness, no matter what we do.

That’s actually true, nothing but home Mobility Exercises. We might laugh at it, but our ancestors were very strong compared to us, do you know why? Because they didn’t use electronic items. For example, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and others. I hope that we can understand it easily. Instead of washing machines, they use to wash by themselves that’s full-body workouts. let’s go in deep about washing the clothes, that includes fingers, wrist, arms, shoulder, back, traps, chest, and abs.

Now, we’re targetting each and every part of the body with different types of exercises.
Yes, we’re including the same old technique in a modern way.

6 simple and fun Home workout for Beginners
Raghava Rajaguru

6 Simple And Fun Home Workout For Beginners

I have shared these fun exercises with my new online clients as well and they felt really good and enjoyed every move. I hope you may also like it.

Upper Body And Lower Body Exercises

3 Upper body and 3 lower body fun exercises. First, let’s concentrate on upper-body.

Upper Body Exercises

1. Push-Ups

We can do many types of push-ups like Standard, Wrist, Knuckle, Finger push-ups (with knee support, and wall support push-ups for Beginners).
You can also invite your friends. (Muscles that are targeted by the Push-ups are – Chest, Shoulder/Delts, Back, Triceps, Serratus anterior, Ab Muscles).

2. Elbow Plank

The plank strengthens your core and also for strong posture and It refines the physical state of the back. This exercise encourages to boost the abdominal muscle. Strong abs are always set to be very well fit.
You can also do an incline/decline plank with a stability ball or chair. (Muscles that are targeted by the elbow plank are – Transversus Abdominis, Rectus Abdominus, Oblique, Glute Muscles).

3. Shoulder Tap

The awesome thing about the shoulder tap is toning, by just tapping your shoulder alternatively helps to build stability, strength, and Core.
You can test now,

  1. Plank Position with nice and clean.
  2. Start with tapping shoulder alternatively for 1 min.
  3. Just Focus on this exercise while doing (which part of the body is targeting).
  4. I guess you got the answer.
    For beginners, try with knee support. (Muscles that are targeted by the Shoulder Tap are – Arms, Shoulder, Back, Ab Muscles).

Lower Body Exercises

1. Wall Sit

We might have watched (Wall Sit) in many workout videos and also in the gym. This is very simple to do, all you need is nothing, just flat wall support (The same way, How you sit on a chair).
I think we don’t need any steps to follow this because it’s freeze position. This is the most enjoyable way to build lower body strength. (Muscles that are targeted by the wall sit are – Glutes, Calves, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Adductor Muscles).

2. Jumping Jacks

25 jumping jacks are a speedy way to burn a lot of calories.
It supervises and supports blood pressure and avoids nasty cholesterol amount in our body.
This is a warm-up exercise which we usually do in the gym. (Muscles that are targeted by the Jumping Jacks are – Glutes, Hip Flexors, Quadriceps Muscles).

3. Jump Lunge

You can reduce your weight by doing jump lunges. This is a unilateral exercise to the lower-body and the movement which you do each time ensures balance coordination and stability work. (Muscles that are targeted by the Jump Lunge are: – Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves, Quadriceps Muscles).

These are the 6 Simple And Fun Home Workout For Beginners. All these simple exercises which we have to do it for at least a month for better results.

Thank You.

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