6 Effective Bodyweight Movements | Home Workouts

No gym accessories, no problem. I would go for bodyweight training. No fancy workouts. I love to do different workouts that make effective. By repeating continuously, the same variation develops faster and these moves are exciting. Let’s go in detail about 6 Effective Bodyweight Movements | Home Workouts.

Staying fit is important than staying nothing. We need more weights for Bigger biceps. I guess I am right. If we keep on thinking about how to get bigger biceps, then do we get the results?

We need to work something to happen something.

If we concentrate on balance, our body can regulate any move which we do. For example, if we do an elbow plank or standard plank, after few seconds our body starts vibrating not because of weakness. It shows stability control. By doing bodyweight exercises we can increase our strength, balance, and many other bodyweight exercises to support flexibility and endurance as well.

Bodyweight warm-ups can be done by moving gently which helps to activate various planes of the body by different movements like Animal Flow, Primal Methods, or Calisthenics.

In movement flow, we can do either simple or advance, whichever our body supports.
There are many bodyweight exercises for beginners also.

6 Effective Bodyweight Movements | Home Workouts

Duck Walk

This is special to duck walk lovers. It has short steps included and little jump to pressurize the lower body. This we usually do it for 30 sec and break for 30 sec.

Scorpion Push-ups

Swing one leg when it’s in the air while doing push-ups has lots of benefits to the full body. The leg on the floor controls standard position while doing push-ups and also by swinging another leg when it’s in the air. It stabilizes the ankle part and strengthens the toe.

Lateral Monkey

Lateral monkey with knuckle is a bit different from regular and also helps to strengthen our wrist. This is a killer bodyweight workout (Functional Training).

Cross Knee To Sidekick

It burns a good amount of calories by doing cross knee to sidekick for at least 1 or more minutes and can also include in the regular workout routine.

Straight Plank To Reverse Plank Roll

It benefits to anterior, medial, and posterior parts of the body (front, middle, and back). The energy passes from one end to another end of the body to manage the blood circulation and injury protection. However, the movement has many advantages for the upper body like arms, lower back, upper back, etc.

One Leg Squat

Let’s feel the effect by slowing down the speed of the move. This exercise exhausts the lower body to produce the strength of the knee cap. Beginners can try with wall support. Intermediates can try without any support and Advancers can try with 16 kg kettlebell or any weight.

I feel crazy when I do movement flow. The reason is, I enjoy every move.
Here you do watch completely and then try it.

These are very simple exercises that you can do it anywhere and I hope these 6 Effective Bodyweight Movements | Home Workouts are useful.

Now, lets try which are all the basic exercise to do before these 6 Effective Bodyweight Movements | Home Workouts.

Upper Bodyweight Exercises

There are many types of push-ups that we can do regularly like Wall Push-ups, Diamond Push-ups, Knee Push-ups, Decline Push-ups, Knuckle Push-ups, Handstand Push-ups, and so on.
If we want to check our arm stability, we can try slow push-ups for a few reps.

Lower Bodyweight Exercises

We can also do a Calf Raise, Wall Sit, Wall Sit To Squat, Squats, Lunges, Chair Pose Squat, and it is very simple.
Pistol Squat, Pistol Squat With Weights, Curtsy Lunge, Hops, Bunny Hops, These are for next level.

Full Bodyweight Exercises

Like plank to Push-ups, Burpee, Inchworm, Mountain Climber, Prone Walkout, Plank, Stair Climb to a Bicep Curl, Bear Crawl, Tuck Jump, Plyometric push-ups.

My client encounters the same question to me every day, “Won’t that variation hurt you?” I replied, If you control then you’re strong, If you try to control you’re becoming strong but if you can’t control then you need to get strong”.

The majority of the people who have a good physique will try to control more than their capacity but the fact is that they can’t sustain for more than 5 seconds if they do stability exercise. It’s not that they won’t lift weights or they won’t do any physical activities but it is because of their routine. The key focus is concentration. The person who looks lean or looks like me they can sustain for more than a given time or the expectation. Here we’re not weighing which is greater or lesser but the stability plays a major role in a movement flow.

I recommended my clients before doing these kinds of movements to start with some stability exercises like plank, wall sit, kettlebell bottoms up, dead hang, reverse plank, deep squat hold, one arm plank, one arm with one leg plank.
Let me explain to you about one arm one leg plank. let the left hand and right leg be on the floor and right hand and left leg be on the air so that the capacity increases gradually if completed the set for 1 or more minutes. It proceeds to the next level for hardcore workouts. This is how we can boost stability.


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