4 Kettlebell Exercises To Boost Our Cardio

The very best question I could get from a new online client is, how to improve cardio. Well, There are a lot of cardio exercises which we can start today. I request you to visit my youtube channel RawFit. Here I state that 4 kettlebell exercises To boost our cardio. Let’s go now,

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During this pandemic time, no gyms are open and so you can go for jogging (Low Intensity) instead of waiting for the gym to be opened. Well, we can do different types of cardio exercises at home with just one Kettlebell.
Kettlebell Cardio exercises generate oxygen to strengthen the entire body by every motion.

4 Kettlebell Exercises To Boost Our Cardio.

1. Beginners Cardio Flow

Before starting the basic kettlebell movements with some weights, better to do warm-ups like squats, side squats to activate the body, and start some warm-ups with kettlebells, like a halo, goblet squat, standard swings.
The kettlebell swing is one of the best cardio exercises and also very effective if done by a pyramid or reverse pyramid workouts.
You can start with kettlebell swings with 8,10,12 kg for 8 reps each without break.
My online clients love to do Kettlebell ladder workouts. it is actually a high-intensity training (HIIT) but I highly recommend them to do low intensity to increase the cardio level and also for weight loss.

2. Simple Cardio Flow

In this flow, it takes only 1 minute to complete the set by just doing both arm swings with 16kg and alternate arm swings to snatch. This is full-body cardio flow combined by the upper and the lower body.
Another form to enhance cardio level is dead start swing. Every time you keep back the kettlebell in the same position after every rep. To be specific, the kettlebell starting position (dead start) makes the body energize every time by squatting and lifting.

3. Power Cardio Flow

Swing to goblet position and swing back to rack position to both sides of the arm and then Fig 8 to alternate clean and back to swing for bottoms up to rack position to jerk. We need more energy to do in one stretch but the basics are essential.
I experienced that, bottoms variation is the best among all the variations in the kettlebell exercises to build stability. It’s better to practice bottoms up thrice a week for 2 sets.

The breath has time sense that too without knowing us. For example, while doing cardio exercises you breathe out consecutively along with the reps and our body knows to breathe in after breathing out. This accelerates cardio uniformity and also for weight loss.

4. Cardio Kettlebell Juggling

My best friend is a kettlebell and the best out of all exercises is kettlebell Juggling. You can also make Kettlebell Juggling a new friend but at first, you should have one kettlebell.
So much fun with kettlebell juggling, it improves the heart rate. If you do the kettlebell juggling without break then check your breathing and heart rate after the flow.
There are different elements in the jiggling flow, just mix it all together and make it a smooth sequence, then the functions of the human body activate more than any other exercise which we do in the gym.
Many clients love to juggle every day with 8kg because they experience not only cardio level but also strength.

It Works On Full Body
Let’s check it out the upper body first.
  • While flipping it up – it works on entire arms, traps, lats, shoulder, neck.
    For example – to throw in the air, upper body strength required, while it’s flipping your neck reacts and when you catch it back entire back strength required.
Let’s know how kettlebell juggling works on the lower body.
  • If we want to throw kettlebell in the air, the majority of the strength comes from the lower body. Leg works as a pillar.
    For example – while swinging the kettlebell, the height should be more than our body height. Here, if we apply only the upper body move then it won’t work properly.
    If we take the support from the lower body to throw a certain height, it guarantees to throw more than the expected strength.

These exercises make cardio level greater and also can develop more strength.

4 Kettlebell Exercises To Boost Our Cardio‘. If this is helpful to you, please do share it with your friends.


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