2021 Top Secret Revealed | The Next Level Of Social Distancing

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Watch this video, you will get to know the perfect workout for social distancing

2021 Top Secret Revealed | The Next Level Of Social Distancing

We are maintaining a good relationship with each other by standing a bit far and appreciating the skills. Just like a dancing star, when you’re prepared to flip with the calculated flow then everyone will be super excited to watch flips and spins.

It doesn’t mean that we have to stay away from family and friends, this is for unknown people who we see at the gym or at the park/ground.

We are not scared to go to the gym but we are scared of the people who go to the gym. What we think is, from where they might come from? and where they work? That’s the biggest question arises in our mind. As we think about others, they also think about us in the same manner.

How To Maintain Distance At Gym?

The super-simple answer is to juggle a kettlebell, everyone will stay far from you. Sounds crazy! but when I started doing this, everyone was curious. It’s just like a punching bag drill. If someone enters they could get wonderful gifts for the lovely face.

The fact is, we all want to stay close to everyone but the situation demanding us to stay far from everyone.

Why Keep The Distance At The Gym?

After a set of reps, the blood pumps. Automatically you breathe louder, some saliva from your mouth spits out and the beautiful sweat smell irritates the person standing next to you.

Seniors’ Advice | Gym Alert

Do Not Swing A Kettlebell In Front Of The Mirror.

Sometimes we may lose grip while swinging and that may lead to damage to the mirror.

Do Not Juggle A Kettlebell Nearby Children.

Children don’t know the weight of the kettlebell you’re spinning. They think it’s a small toy. Children are so sensitive, once injured to their body, it may affect their life. Just they repeat what you’re doing.

If you want to workout alone, then try kettlebell juggling because no one will be there in your surroundings.

Do Not Spin A Kettlebell Infront Of Your Girlfriend

Showcasing this sport in front of your girlfriend is extremely a good idea and I highly recommend not to juggle standing next to her. LOL If you want to break up with your girlfriend then this is a good idea.

The 2 advantages of spinning a kettlebell in front of your girlfriend are
a) You can impress her or
b) Break up.
Choose wisely.

Why did I tell you about the breakup? – While Spinning the kettlebell, if your focus is not good then it may hurt her face if the direction of the throw goes wrongly. The beauty is in the face. Girls give more priority to it. Sounds cool.

Is Kettlebell Juggling Dangerous?

Absolutely not, many people have confused about Juggling because of non-guidance. They know about kettlebells but not flipping and the benefits of it.

In all the sports technique matters, not just doing it blindly.

How Good We Can Maintain Social Distance?

Just watch all my videos on YouTube, while juggling no one stands near to me. Just like film shooting, the star will be in front of the camera and he performs. The others will just watch his action. The same method implies here.

If We Don’t Know How To Juggle, Then What’s The Next Best Idea?

Here comes the curious question. Just swing a kettlebell that’s cool and do some flow with it. It helps to increase your cardio level and you can also do the snatch.

Our Ancestors Already Knew About The Social Distancing.

Long long ago, our ancestors used to cover the mouth with their hands while talking to another person at a certain distance. The reason for holding the hand while talking is, our saliva and breath (bacteria) should affect them/us and they were maintaining the distance because of the sweat.

The whole lifestyles of our ancestors are being repeated now.

Girevik Sport or Girevoy Sport

In Russia, girevoy sport means kettlebell sport. Repeating the same variation for some minutes like snatch or jerk in the practice mode or competition.

Kettlebell Partner Passing

This is the ultimate way to maintain social distancing at the gym or outside because the kettlebell is compactable that you can carry anywhere and can start your partner workouts.

How To Fight Against Coronavirus

If you’re a fitness freak and if you want to workout at home/outside instead of going to the gym then try kettlebell exercises/ juggling. The word Juggling doesn’t mean that only circus people have to do it. This is Fitness Juggling. In this way, we can also fight against corona.

There are many ways to be fit and one among them is Kettlebell Juggling.

Kettlebell King

The one who knows the knowledge in kettlebells, that person is called a kettlebell king. Not just doing some of the workouts which are providing on youtube. The person who shares the movement exploration for the particular exercise is No.1.

Amazing Flips

Recently, the gossips are spreading about kettlebell juggling and how amazing the flips are. Everyone likes to flip but the right technique is required to flip it. Then only we can maintain the distance in the gym. Hope this information is helpful.

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