18 Best Boxing Equipment | India

Age is just a number, anyone can have this at home or in the gym to practice it. Here, there are “18 Best Boxing Equipment | India” you can get some of these for your personal use (or Gym).

Some accessories and equipment we can have for our own at home because it is a one-time investment and if there is no time to go to the boxing gym better to practice at home.

18 Best Boxing Equipment | India

As per my knowledge and experience in boxing, I suggest these are helpful for beginners and Some of the equipment which I refer here to improve the advanced skills.

1. Boxing Hand Wraps

This is the first step to wrap the hand to protect the wrist and you can tie it in different ways, you can ask your trainer.

2. Boxing Gloves

The best boxing gloves are double protective to the wrist, I have two boxing gloves. The one is for practicing punching bag/focus pad and another for sparring.

3. Boxing Bag

Boxing Punching bag drills are to learn the punches perfectly, that’s why we practice one punch more than 25 times in the beginning, and punch counts increases day by day.

I suggest not to start punching bag drills without the directions by the trainer, and the right way to start boxing is to learn shadow boxing first.

4. Speed Bag

To increase my boxing skills, I started practicing speed bag drills and you can also practice by wearing hand wraps with a cotton layer surrounded before rolling the wraps.

I will also make a video on different variations on speed bag drills and will upload it on my youtube channel.

5. Swivel

Suppose, you buy the speed bag platform online and you will get the S shape swivel, but this doesn’t work for a long time practice.

I hope this will be useful to you because it has U shaped locking system which helps to swings the speedball in all directions quickly.

6. Double End Bag

The interesting part to improve the boxing technique is to practice a double end bag drill. I usually practice this drill at the weekends and it is fun doing this. It helps us to improve hand speed.

  1. Punching Speed
  2. Focus
  3. Slipping
  4. Ducking
  5. Parrying

Even kids do love this.

7. 8 Ball

If you want to upgrade your boxing styles and techniques, then this is the next level to improve double/triple jabs, on one to the face and another to the body, and can also try lower body cut/Mexican cut punch to uppercut punch.

8. Punch Trainer

By practicing punch/kick trainer drills increase punching speed.

9. Boxing Reflex Ball

The tennis ball tied with elastic thread, which is connected to the hat, and practice some of the punches to increase hand-eye coordination.

10. Wall-Mounted UpperCut Bag

The bag is fixed to the wall to practice in different ways and also to improve hand speed and punch combinations and I have tried once at the boxing gym.

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Boxing Training

You can practice some of the boxing techniques with the help of your family or friends and if you have these equipment’s and definitely would help to learn more boxing skills.

11. Focus Pad Boxing Workout

To build focus on a particular target, then the focus pad drills are awesome from beginners to advanced level.

12. Coach Vest

Just mount a coach vest and allow the trainee to hit the focus pad as well as a coach vest and If you have learned some boxing skills then you can train some of your family members with the help of a coach vest.

13. Boxing Foam Stick

I bought this foam stick from decathlon, this is a great accessory to train boxing especially defensive skills.

18 Best Boxing Equipment To Have At Home Gym
18 Best Boxing Equipment To Have At Home Gym

14. Boxing Punch Stick

I made this punch stick on my own instead of throwing out the old gloves and PVC pipe. I can get trained from anyone or I can train anyone for head movements.

18 Best Boxing Equipment To Have At Home Gym
18 Best Boxing Equipment To Have At Home Gym

15. Slip Bag

This can improve head movements and it is easy to install, just tie anywhere at home and any sorts of thread or rope which is having good quality and add some weight to swings in its own direction and stand in the middle when it approaches to hit your face just slip and keep practicing it.

Which Are The Equipment Required For Sparring?

Apart from hand-wraps, gloves, shoes here are some of the important equipment to have. I always carry some of this boxing equipment in my boxing kit/boxing bag.

16. Groin Guard

As the word expresses the name groin, it helps to our abdominal part and we can get men and women groin guard separately.

17. Head Gear

To protect your face especially your nose and jaw as well as protects temporal, frontal, zygomatic, maxilla bones and eyes. If the opponent punch is hard then this guard protects by the soft layer inside.

18. Mouth Guard

I usually wear a mouthguard while practicing focus pad drill and sparring. I use double-layer means upper and lower teeth protective. Usually, we get only single-layer mouth guards and I suggest a double layer for more protection.


The lightweight shoes are good for practice sessions or in the match because the foot won’t feel heavier and can move freely.


Instead of removing the headgear at each break to drink water, better to have one sipper at your end.

Medical Tape or Finger Tape

I carry finger tape in with my boxing kit, which can use to tape the fingers or on the hand wraps.


We apply a bioline to our face before getting started into the sparring match and this helps to slide the punch force and this is for without headgear match.

You Can Also Get This Equipment.

You can also check “India’s best boxing equipment” or “Bangalore boxing equipment store” or “sports store Bangalore” or “sports store near me”, you can get many options and these are compactable and best to keep at home.


I have one set of 2 kg dumbbells at home, whenever I’m free I usually practice to get some endurance for 1 minute non-stop or sometimes 100 punches.


I do Kettlebell exercises to improve mobility strength with a lesser weight.

Ice pack

After some of the boxing workouts, I do icing to my fingers and wrists and an ice pack is good or ice cubes in a plastic cover. If you don’t have ice packs then use water bottles instead of throwing them into the garbage, fill water and keep it in the freezer and this feels exactly the same as ice packs.

Tire Bag

I just wanted to experience the punch feel differently from the standard punching bag so I decided to make a tire bag on my own in 2018. I have installed it on the terrace of my house.


Use big tire to fleet, push, pull, and small tire for throwing exercises.

Agility Ladder

I have improved my foot speed by practicing some of the agility ladder drills like Ali shuffle, in and out.

Boxing Cobra Bag

Right now, I do not have any references for this. When I searched it online it costs more than 20,000 INR and I’m also looking forward to placing the order. Apart from a normal reflex bag, which we can get in the decathlon, this is an extreme level to improve great speed.

If you don’t know about cobra bag benefits just check this – boxing cobra bag Ryan Garcia


To develop extraordinary footwork skills is by cone drills.

Home Boxing Workout

You can practice boxing at home by doing some of the above-suggested ones, and if you want to improve more then search boxing training near me or martial arts training near me, there you can get trained more.

Fitness Boxing

Boxing is a cardio workout and it helps to lose weight rapidly and to stay fit by doing some of the drills like 20 jabs, 20 crosses, 20 jabs and cross, 20 jabs, 20 cross, 20 uppercuts, this is just an example. Keep repeating the same move until you’re good at it.

If you would like to get decathlon boxing gloves then that’s your choice but some of the choices are limited and at some point, you have to upgrade.

First Thing To Learn In Martial Arts

The key skill to learn in combat sport/boxing is patience. Exaggeration has sound but not power. Quiet has electrifying strength. Unfortunately, we raise voices to protect ourselves in the street fight. If many people have surrounded us, we think that someone will help. If nobody cares about us, then we fight up to our capacity and you might have watched several videos on social media regarding 2 people are fighting and no one cares and some people just record the fight scene on their mobiles and that will become viral.

Let me tell you my secret, no matter how much I have learned in boxing but the lesson I have learned is to solve the issues instead of fighting and this sounds great. Once I was rushing fast from my vehicle to reach the office and in the traffic, someone hit the tail lamp of my vehicle. I parked my vehicle and went near him to check whether he is all right or not and the people surrounded me were eagerly waiting to watch our fight scene.

What To Learn In Boxing

Learn some of the basic punches and defensive skills with footwork techniques, this helps to improve the cardio level.

How To Learn Boxing At Home?

Learn introduction to boxing from the trainer (online or offline) and this helps you to practice boxing stance and boxing punch at home and later on, you can ask any one of your friends to join with your practice session for sparring experience and also learn the boxing trick shots and better to improve hand-eye coordination for boxing (Boxing training online is also good) also learn how to increase punching power.

Hand Speed Workout

To improve hand speed, practice shadow boxing more along with combo punches and also do tennis ball drills.

I hope, whatever I have stated above about boxing equipment for home, if it helps you then I would really feel very happy.

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