108 Kettlebell Exercises Name List & Types

You might not have heard all these exercises in the gym or from any trainer & here is “108 Kettlebell Exercises Name List & Types“. I have tried all these exercises and I have shared all my videos in YouTube Playlist at the end of this page but before you scroll it to the end I request just read the names and types.

I guess you haven’t even thought of these exercises and names as well. We can do kettlebell exercises for strength and conditioning and cardio, and we can include them in different programs.

108 Kettlebell Exercises Name List & Types

I usually do some of these exercises after warm-up, so let’s see the kettlebell exercise types and these are for “Beginners To Advanced Kettlebell Exercises”. These kettlebell exercises are for all.

Basic Kettlebell Exercises Names

  • Swings
  • Snatch
  • Jerk
  • Push
  • Press
  • Turkish getup
  • Goblet Squat
  • Windmill
  • Around The World

Apart from the basic kettlebell exercises, there are many exercises which we are not aware of, let’s check the names now.

Types of Kettlebell Swing

  1. One Arm/Both Arm Swings
  2. High Swings (Chest Level)
  3. Shoulder Level Swings
  4. Forehead Level Swings
  5. Snatch Swings
  6. Squat Swings
  7. Lateral Swings
  8. Back Swings
  9. Punch Swing
  10. Step In and Out Kettlebell Swings
  11. 360-degree Swings
  12. Jump Lunge Kettlebell Swings
  13. Kettlebell Wood Chop Swings
  14. Kettlebell horns Hold The Swing
  15. Staggered Stance Swing
  16. Alternating Staggered Swing
  17. Front Jump Swing
  18. Half-Kneeling Swing
  19. Low Lateral Swings
  20. Single Outside Swings
  21. Double Outside Swings

Types Of Kettlebell Clean

  1. Kettlebell clean
  2. Rotational clean
  3. Alternate clean
  4. Gorilla clean
  5. Alternating Dead Start Clean
  6. Alternating Staggered Clean
  7. Double Dead Stop Clean

Types Of Kettlebell Snatch

  1. Single Kettlebell Snatch
  2. Double Kettlebell Snatch
  3. Half Snatch
  4. Dead Start Snatch
  5. Kettlebell Circle Snatch
  6. Alternate Snatch
  7. Kettlebell Snatch To Hold Followed By Squat
  8. Gorilla Snatch
  9. Staggered Stance Snatch
  10. Kettlebell Walking Snatch
  11. Crossbody Snatch

Types Of Kettlebell Press

  1. Push Press
  2. Military Press
  3. Sea Saw Press
  4. Double Alternating Rotational Press
  5. Seated Press
  6. See Saw Floor Press
  7. Half-Kneeling See-Saw Press

Types of Kettlebell Rack Exercise

  1. Rack Hold
  2. Kettlebell Rack Lunge
  3. Kettlebell Rack Squat
  4. Kettlebell Rack Walk

Types Of Kettlebell Row

  1. Kettlebell Row
  2. Kettlebell Alternate row
  3. Alternating Ballistic Row From Staggered Stance
  4. Renegade Row
  5. See Saw Row

Types Of Kettlebell Bottoms Up Exercise

  1. Kettlebell Bottoms Up
  2. Lateral Swings To Bottoms Up
  3. Bottoms Up To Press
  4. Bottoms Up Turkish Get-up
  5. Kettlebell Bottoms Up Snatch
  6. Double Kettlebell Bottoms Up
  7. Double Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press and Bottoms Up Hold
  8. Kettlebell Swing To Bottoms Up
  9. Kettlebell Bottoms Up To Another Kettlebell Hold On To It.
  10. Kettlebell Bottoms Up A Windmill
  11. Kettlebell Bottoms uphold On Balance Board
  12. Kettlebell Bottoms Up To Rack and Repeat
  13. Kettlebell Bottoms Up Positioning
  14. Kettlebell Bottoms up Lateral Lunge
  15. Kettlebell Bottoms Up To Reverse Lunge
  16. Kettlebell Bottom’s Up To March
  17. Bottoms Up Snatch Hold/Snatch Walk

Kettlebell bottoms up helps to get grip strength and supports tennis elbow issues as well as shaky hands.

Here is the playlist of Kettlebell exercises you can try any of these.

Types Of Kettlebell Halo

  1. Kettlebell Halo
  2. Kettlebell Squat Halo
  3. Kettlebell Lung Halo
  4. Kettlebell Walking Halo

List Of Other Kettlebell Exercises

  1. Kettlebell Bent Over
  2. Kettlebell Windmill Exercise
  3. Kettlebell Windmill
  4. Kettlebell High Push and High Pull
  5. Kettlebell Mid Pull
  6. Kettlebell Snatch Walk
  7. Kettlebell Gun Slinger
  8. Kettlebell Fig 8 and Reverse Fig 8
  9. Kettlebell Waiter Carry
  10. Kettlebell Farmers Walk
  11. Shoulder Position Hold
  12. Kettlebell Goblet Squat
  13. Kettlebell Goblet Kickstand Squat
  14. Kettlebell Circles
  15. Kettlebell Thruster
  16. Leg Extension With Kettlebell
  17. Holding Kettlebell On A Toe By Lifting The Leg
  18. Kettlebell Deadlift
  19. Kettlebell Romanian Single Leg Dead Lift
  20. Double Kettlebell RSDL
  21. Straight Punch Pause To Lateral Move
  22. Kettlebell Bicep Curl (With Rope or Towel)
  23. Kettlebell Good Morning
  24. Kettlebell Lateral High Push
  25. Kettlebell Lateral High Pull.

Some of the Kettlebell exercises are for fat loss. I have been practicing Kettlebell exercises for the past 2 years. I have tried many more exercises apart from these. Some of them have no names and some of the Kettlebell exercises names I have listed above. As per my knowledge, the best exercise to boost our cardio level is Kettlebell swings and can try different swings also. The top kettlebell exercise for fat burn is swing.

The best strength exercise with Kettlebell is snatching. Once I did only snatches for a week for more than 60 reps, arm strength was extreme and I suggested Kettlebell snatch to one of my clients who are an athlete and the results were the best.

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Kettlebell Workouts

Apart from beginners to advanced level exercises, one can add some next-level challenging exercises in their workouts.

Kettlebell Ladder

It means to say in simple words “if I swing a kettlebell once and keep it in a dead start place and again I swing a kettlebell twice from the dead start place then I go thrice and I swing 4 times and then I keep on increasing the reps and repeating the same variations for 5 times means a lot of calories are burnt and this helps us to burn fat fast and this is called a kettlebell ladder”.

Kettlebell Complex

A mix of a few elements in one set stretch is called the kettlebell complex. Just add swing to snatch followed by goblet squat and Cossack lunge or any other, which is hard.

To do fat-burning exercises at home, just have one kettlebell or get a water bottle or a bag and start doing some fat loss exercise. If you’re looking for full-body exercises then at least one kettlebell is enough.
Some of These are strength training exercises and some are conditioning exercises, finally, it’s all mixed with stability exercises, mobility exercises.

Banded Kettlebell Exercises

We can also do with banded exercises with kettlebell like (means resistance band)

  1. Banded Swings
  2. Banded Clean
  3. Banded Snatch
  4. Banded Speed Rows
  5. Banded Squat Press
  6. Kettlebell Lateral Swings With Resistance Band
  7. Kettlebell Lateral Swings To Circle With Resistance Band

Types Of Kettlebell Sets

We can do many sets for upper body and lower body like,

  • Kettlebell Compound Sets
  • Kettlebell Circuit Sets
  • Kettlebell Cardio Sets
  • Kettlebell Supersets
  • Kettlebell Complex
  • Kettlebell Long Cycle
  • Kettlebell Short Cycle
  • Kettlebell Biathlon

Weight Loss & Fat Loss

Weight loss and fat loss are 2 different bases, weight loss means losing muscle from the body. Fat loss means
losing weight from the fat muscle.

Kettlebell Online Training

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Still there many kettlebell exercises and their names that i’ll be sharing ASAP.

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