10 Thrilling Tips | How To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast

Some of these are low-intensity drills you can try anywhere, suitable for all age groups, and here are “10 Thrilling Tips | How To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast” and can try all these without any experience and online course.

In this world, who plays faster, considered as no.1. Here is the quick throttle information about hand-eye coordination.

10 Thrilling Tips | How To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast

I love Eye-Popping Effect which can get it from hand-eye coordination drills. Some of these are fun and some will take you to the next level.

1) Tennis Ball Drill

The no.1 drill to improve hand-eye coordination is with a tennis ball. The first and foremost which the athlete learn the hand-eye Coordination is from tennis ball as per the instructions by the Coach/Trainer.

While handling the ball, all the parts of the bodywork on every movement. Let us know how? If you’re catching the ball from the left hand, your eyes will be focusing more than where the ball goes and your hand grabs to catch it and the entire arm reacts at the same time and the foot balances to reflex every second.

2) Crazy Ball or Ping Pong Ball

This is a wonderful drill to improve all in one reaction of the body, we always used to play with it and now I’m explaining the benefits of the crazy ball drill to my clients. I recommend doing drills in a closed circuit with a safe play.

3) Coin Flip

Hold your hand straight and palm facing down, keep a coin on the knuckle part. Now, push your hand upwards to fly the coin in the air and then catch immediately from the same hand where the coin is kept. This method of hand-eye coordination used by all athletes, they keep multiple coins to catch. This improves more hand speed and eye contact.

4) Reaction Ball

This drill improves the sudden contact between hand-eye and the ball and also helps to improve footwork. After pitching the reaction ball, it goes in its own direction because the reaction rubber ball has a 4-6 six side bubble shape. We can have this one at home to improve agility or you can take this to the ground for better performance.

I usually go to the ground and do the different drills. It would be more beneficial with a partner, by just throwing to one side and the partner catches it as fast as the partner can.

5) Reaction Light Training

This is one of the latest ways to improve hand-eye coordination/reaction/reflex and agility.
Assume that you’re having 4 fit lights in front of you and suddenly the one light will blink and that moment you have to touch the blinked light and it keeps on highlighting other fit lights alternatively. This speeds up from one level to the next level of athlete training.

We stick to the old ones and we think that it is enough and great, but there are many waves to face the hurdles and keep standing better to upgrade.

6) Slip Bag

The bag is filled with some weights is called a slip bag. Here, use a slip bag for only eye coordination, swing the slip bag once and stand 2 foot back, and do not move the head or body. This is the first step for beginners to improve eye coordination.

This is very simple to make it at home, tie the ball or filled water bottle and hang it up in a good place. Now you’re all set to start.

6) Throwing The Tennis Ball To The Wall For Better Coordination

Just watch this video, it clearly shows blind coordination. The trainer at the backside throws a ball to the wall, and the athlete waiting to catch the ball without a pitch on the floor/ground.

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The first drill for athletes and for everyone is, pitching the ball to the ground, and when it bounces to a certain height just catch it, and no need for any guidance from anyone for this drill. Anyone can learn by just watching this movement.

Hand-Eye Coordination For Cricketers

The Top Hand-Eye Coordination For Cricketers is just bouncing the ball from the bat but that’s not the only variation. More variations of drills lead to better coordination.

Hand-Eye Coordination Drill For Golfers

This is exactly the same as how cricketers do at the beginners’ level. Here, golfers juggle in a Golf Club (Golf Club means golf bat) with a golf ball. The golfer’s eyes are like binoculars they zoom the hole to pot right there and they also focus to avoid out of boundary and trees. Golfers practice the next level of eye coordination.

7) Goli Marble Game or Goli Aata

When we’re kids we used to play the goli game on the side of the street with friends and we use to challenge others by visiting other’s street. This is the best way for kids to improve hand-eye coordination and will help kids in their future. In this android era, kids have forgotten this goli game, I suggest everyone who is shown interest to read this line, try to provide goli to the kids.

This is a wonderful game to train kids.

10 Thrilling Tips How To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast
Image Credits – Goli Game

8) Bugari

The fastest game to improve hand-eye coordination for not only kids but also adults and there is no age limit to play this game. Just in 3 countdowns, you have to rope the bugari and swiping it on the ground to spin it and picking it up as early as you can.

Have you ever heard this name? if not then check this information Bugari

There are many street games which are very useful in daily life or in sports activities.

10 Thrilling Tips How To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast
Image Credits – Buguri Game

9) The Clap Game

When we’re kids, we used to play the clapping game with our friends which is also the way to build more focus. Just 2 people needed here, keeping both hands front in an L shaped by palm facing upwards and the opponent also holding the same type as the other held. Here, both the persons’ arms are facing upwards and the other arm is in the downwards and to see how faster the person can clap to the opponent palm and if the one person slips hitting the opponent persons’ palm and that clap hits to his/her hand.

This game is for kids and improves hand-eye coordination and also there are some fun games for a toddler.

10) Balloon Catch or Balloon Touch

In a closed-circuit place (interior/home) we can use some balloons for coordination and this will be a fun game for the kids.

Video Games

When we’re kids we used to play TV Video Games and now kids are playing with mobile phones and computers. I don’t think so, this will improve hand-eye coordination because this may be fun but we need to protect eyes from more radiation for kids

Coordination Exercises

We can also improve our coordination from these and there are more which we can include in our daily life.

  1. Archery
  2. Snooker
  3. Shooting

Dart Game

Just get one dartboard at home and practice it whenever you’re free. It will increase the bullseye technique, accuracy improves from ranging.

The Best Hand-Eye Co-Ordination Exercises For Athletes.

Let me share in simple terms, if you find a pothole on the street, would you step on it? No!! isn’t it right? The same lesson connects in every aspect. All daily life programs are connected to hand-eye coordination in a different way.

Balance Exercises

Balance exercises can be done with equipment or without, standing in one leg can also improve the balance, and balancing on the balance board is another. We can also do it with weights like kettlebell bottoms up.

10 Thrilling Tips How To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast
10 Thrilling Tips How To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast

Dribbling The Ball

The flow of pitching the ball on the floor back to back with a certain speed would definitely sync hand-eye coordination along with footwork.


Juggling is important in all sport to build hand-eye coordination and this routine exercise helps the athlete for quickness. Some people do juggling for fun and some for professional and some for fitness (kettlebell Juggling, club Juggling, nunchaku juggling).

We neglect juggling because it looks like a circus, the fact is, juggling is for co-ordination and for fitness. I have watched many athlete’s workout videos and they give preference to juggling like single to multiple ball juggling. You can check out lomachenko’s hand-eye coordination video, he juggles with the 3 balls.

Types Of Juggling

  1. Ball Juggling
  2. Nunchaku Juggling
  3. Kettlebell Juggling
  4. Club juggling
  5. Ring Juggling
  6. Cigar Boxes
  7. Diabolo
  8. Devil Sticks
  9. Contact Juggling
  10. Plate Spinning
  11. Hat Manipulation
  12. Ball Spinning
  13. Footbag
  14. Combination Juggling

Consistently practicing all of these tips would bring better results.

How To Improve Eye Speed?

There are many ways to improve eye speed but this one is outstanding.
Well, it’s not in the psychological terms to explain and the one who is looking forward to improving the eye speed and focus is, use laser light game and it is not any clinical work.

This is purely raw work, sit in the room and hold a laser and switch on and off alternately and move the light at every angle.
You can also take help from your nearest. This actually sounds funny but helpful.

If My Coordination Is Faster Than My Opponent, Then I Can Win The Play.

The first step in all sport is coordination and it doesn’t mean that only athletes should practice, anyone, can do these drills.

Athletes should react very fast in the game and normal people like you, me, and any others can help in any circumstances. Just assume that you’re riding the vehicle, suddenly someone enters your way and you will avoid it immediately. Then the same thing should be used while something approaching to divert.

The Advantages Of Hand-Eye Coordination

It helps to think faster and to react immediately. If the coordination is less we react slowly.

For example- When the object is approaching to hit we’re unable to parry because of less coordination. If the hand-eye coordination is good then we’re easy to slip when the object is approaching a bit fast.

  1. Sharpens the aim.
  2. It’s easy to grab a thing when it is in the still position and a bit difficult to catch when it’s in movement.

Passing Or Tossing The Ball To The Partner.

Hanging Ball or Knocking Ball

Tie a ball with attached string to the ceiling and hit by the bat. Usually, cricketers do this, and I have one old video which shows the ball is attached to the expandable thread which is connected to the hat and that is for boxing.

10 Thrilling Tips How To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast
Hanging Ball practice for cricket

Is Juggling Only For Circus People?

Juggling is for all and there are no rules that only circus people do. Let me tell you the fact now “you might have seen videos of circus, they do juggling with different accessories, just imagine how long they have practiced? Their hand-eye coordination is excellent than anyone else”. We can rate someone’s juggling but it’s very hard to acquire the skills.

Why Should Athletes Do Juggling?

For better performance. Can anyone imagine Mahendra Singh dhoni’s wicket-keeping speed? We just clap if he stumped quickly and we say he is very fast. The inside story is “he has practiced hand-eye coordination drill for n number of times to master that speed. Thus in this manner, all the athletes practice this.

Let me explain one more piece of information, “can you imagine the boxers punching speed”? and how long the boxer has practiced for instant counter back? The answer is hand-eye coordination. This is a must for every athlete. I suggest them, do not neglect this drill. It not only helps in sports but in real-time as well.

I do fitness juggling, please do check my videos on YouTube and here is my video playlist.

Featured Image Credits – unsplash

Some of the above statements are my personal experience.

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