10 Best Gyms In RR Nagar | Gym Near Me

Hey everyone, this is just to inform you that “10 Best Gym To Join In RR Nagar” & I have been in this area for more than 20 years. I have seen most of all the gyms at RR Nagar and I felt very happy with a few trainers.

10 Best Gyms In RR Nagar | Gym Near Me

1) With Fitness RR Nagar

Above Nandana palace, you might have been to Nandana palace if you’ve not observed it then check it out once and if you want to know where exactly the route is. “Right From Channasandra to RR Nagar bus depo route”, you might have observed Nandana palace, the above of this building you will find with fitness. Here, there is good gym equipment to work out and the space is extremely large so that no one will be waiting for so long time for the sets. Well maintained and that’s for sure because the reviews are excellent and trainers too.

The owner is Puneeth, and 2 trainers Kowshik & Paramesh

2) Best Club Gym RR Nagar

The coach’s name is Anil, he is a coach in the best club gym for more than 1.5 decades and he is also a swim coach as well as a karate coach.

Watch this – Anil Master

3) Square Ball Fitness RR Nagar

Opposite to Raja Rajeshwari Nagar police station. This gym is also good and the owners are Harish & Shashi and 1 trainer Deepak.

4) S2 Fitness RR Nagar

This gym is straight opposite Kanti sweets double road RR Nagar and as per the google review this gym is one of the best in the RR Nagar and the owner is Sheshachala or shesha.

5) Apple Fitness RR Nagar

This gym has 2 floors, one is for cardio and Zumba place and another floor is for strength workout place.

6) Golds Gym RR Nagar

Many people thought that Golds gym is owned by Arnold Schwzinagger but people need to know the truth exactly that once he has worked out in this gym and this gym became famous. Actually, this gym is owned by some of the local businessmen and it has 3 floors and extremely good equipment. when it comes to fees, it is too costly than another local gym.

7) ABC Fitness RR Nagar

This fitness center is good for weight lifting and kettlebell workouts (kettlebell workouts RR Nagar).

8) Iron Fitness RR Nagar

This gym is located at double road and the reviews are normal.

9) Big Box Gym RR Nagar

The people who are residing near the front gate of the Global Village RR Nagar can visit this gym and this is also good.

10) Republic Fitness RR Nagar

It is located at the back gate of the Global Village RR Nagar they can have a look at this gym.

SK Fitness RR Nagar

I really appreciate this gym, the latest equipment, cleanliness, and hygiene maintained as well as good space. I think more than 100 people can work out in one session but it’s a bad idea to open a gym next to the existing gym. The other gym was 50 meters away from this gym, vacated immediately when this gym i.e, SK Fitness launched.

I personally feel and many other fitness trainers have also told what I felt, “there is no need to open Salman khan’s gym because he has many assets and it will be a huge hit to the other local gyms.

These are RajaRajeshwari Nagar Gyms, which are the best as per my knowledge, and still, there are some gyms, fitness gyms in r r Nagar/Concord Layout Gyms RR Nagar/Krishna Garden Gyms RR Nagar, and other fitness centers in RR Nagar Bangalore but I need to visit there to review.

I have shared my experience.

Image credits – canva

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